Lost Ark April Update: Glaivier arriving this week with Battle for the Throne of Chaos

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Lost Ark is set to receive its April update this week, dubbed “Battle for the Throne of Chaos.” The update is slated to go live on Thursday, April 21, and will introduce a ton of new content for players to explore in the free-to-play action MMO.

A trailer for the update does a good job showing off all the new content coming this week. There are two major highlights to talk about: the new area of South Vern to explore and the new Glaivier. Check out both in the trailer below before we dive into it.

South Vern

I know it’s easy to approach a game like Lost Ark and ignore the story as you focus on the incredible combat. But the lore in Lost Ark is actually pretty fascinating and the April update is what we’ve been building towards. Hordes of demons have begun gathering on the shores of South Vern and are guarding the Throne of Chaos, a link between Petrania and Arkesia. You’re tasked with breaking the link to close the chaos gate.


The other big new addition is the Glaivier, an advanced class of the Martial Artist. The Glaivier is an intriguing new class that weaves together attacks using her spear and glaive. There are two distinct skill sets you swap between — Focus and Flurry — with each stance representing one of her two weapons. In Focus stance, you wield the shorter spear and engage in a furious barrage of attacks. In the Focus stance, you switch to the longer glaive for longer, sweeping attacks.

The key to playing the Glaivier successfully is knowing how to balance both stances and mastering the Dual Meter. As you fight in one stance, you’ll build up energy that provides a stat-boost when you switch to the other stance.

The Dual Meter can fill to a maximum of three segments, with the third providing the greatest boost of 15% Move Speed, 10% Damage and 25% Crit damage when swapping from Flurry (short spear) to Focus (glaive). When swapping form Focus to Flurry, you’ll gain 15% Attack Speed, 10% Damage and 25% Crit Damage Bonus. Swapping between stances when the meter isn’t entirely filled still provides a stat boost, just not as big of one.

Proving Grounds

Although Lost Ark is primarily a co-op game, working together to vanquish demons, the April update will introduce PvP in the form of Proving Grounds. Multiple PvP modes will be available here, including:

  • Capture Match: Your team needs to get the Elysium shared first
  • Defense Match: You must protect your Elysium shard
  • Deathmatch: Does this really need explanation?

Participating in Proving Grounds will reward you with PvP currency, XP and loot.

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That’s all for the April update, but stay tuned because Lost Ark is getting even more content next month, including the Destroyer advanced class!