Elden Ring: All seven secret painting locations and rewards

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7. Sorcerer Painting

The Sorcerer Painting is the seventh and final painting left to be discovered throughout Elden Ring. The Sorcerer Painting is located in Castle Sol. If you travel to the Castle Sol Main Gate Site of Grace, you will want to head into the castle. After you enter the castle, the barricades that are to your left is where you are going to want to head through. There will be a staircase that you will want to go up and you will notice that there is a door with two torches on the left wall. When you enter this room, there is a ladder located in it that you need to take up. Once you are done climbing the ladder, follow the path southwest. There will then be a bridge that you can take where the second ballista is located. Deal with the ballista, drop down the ladder, and the painting will be yours.

To acquire your reward from this painting, you will need to find the bridge that is located northwest of Stargazer’s Ruins and east of Shack of the Lofty. The ghost of the artist is located on this bridge facing towards the east direction. When you go up to the ghostly artist, they will drop you the Greathood.

The Greathood is a head piece of armor that boosts Intelligence and Faith but lowers HP. With how hard Elden Ring is, lowering the HP may not be something that you want to do. There are plenty of other armor sets that are better in Elden Ring, but a reward is still a reward, nonetheless.

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There you have it. You now know how to find the location of all seven secretly hidden painting in Elden Ring. These paintings surely take you on a crazy adventure that requires you to do a lot of exploration, but if you are planning on doing everything Elden Ring has to offer, this is one more thing you can check off of your Elden Ring checklist.