Elden Ring: All seven secret painting locations and rewards

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3. Resurrection Painting

Third up on this list is the Resurrection Painting. Similar to the Homing Instinct Painting, the Resurrection Painting can be found at an Artist Shack, but this time the one that is located in Liurnia. The Artist Shack sits atop of some rocks and can be found by going west of the Carian Study Hall. Find this shack and walk right in and you can then interact with the Artist Painting.

In order to locate the artist’s ghost, you will need to travel to the Caria Manor Site of Grace. From the Caria Manor Site of Grace, you are going to want to head southeast. When you are traveling southeast from the Caria Manor Site of Grace you will come across a graveyard. If you made it to the graveyard, then you went to the correct place. The ghost of the artist should be sitting in a chair looking towards the Academy of Raya Lucaria. When you walk up to the ghostly artist, they will drop three rewards. They will drop the Juvenile Scholar Cap, the Juvenile Scholar Robe, and the Larval Tear.

The Juvenile Scholar Cap and Robe are both pieces of armor that can be worn as armor pieces. It is said that these pieces of armor were worn by young academy scholars. The Larval Tear is an item in Elden Ring that is needed by Rennala to grant rebirth. These three items that you are rewarded may not be the most useful to some of you, but at least it is one more secret painting down and you are closer to finding all seven hidden paintings.