Elden Ring: All seven secret painting locations and rewards

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2. Prophecy Painting

The Prophecy Painting can be found in Stromveil Castle. Travel to the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace. From here you are going to want to go outside to the courtyard where the Omen Ogre is located. The painting will be inside a small study room attached to the courtyard. Even though there are enemies in the courtyard, you do not have to engage if you wouldn’t like to.

After you find the painting, you will want to travel to the Church of Pilgrimage in the Weeping Peninsula. If you go behind the Church of Pilgrimage, you will see cliffs that are overlooking the Stormveil Castle. Walk out onto the cliffs and as you get closer you should see the artist’s ghost where he originally painted the painting. For solving the Prophecy Painting, you will be given the Warhawk Ashes. Just walk up to artist and the artist will disappear and drop the Ashes.

These Ashes are not going to be the most powerful item in the game, but they can definitely help you out when needed. The Warhawk Ashes are used to summon the spirit of the Warhawk. The Warhawks are better against melee enemies as enemies that are able to shoot them will be able to shred them a bit easier.