Elden Ring: Five overpowered items that are a must use

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5. Warming Stone

The Warming Stone is a great item that you shouldn’t fall asleep on. There are various locations throughout the Lands Between where you can find a Warming Stone. You can craft them too which is obviously one of your best bets especially if you have the crafting materials for it. If not, they are great materials to stock up on anyway and always have incase you want to craft any extra Warming Stones.

In order to craft a Warming Stone, you must acquire the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (19). This can be found on the ground inside of the smaller ruined building at Woodfolk Ruins in Altus Plateau. When you find the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (19), you will then have to gather the materials to craft the Warming Stone if you don’t have them already. You will need a total of three different materials to craft the Warming Stone. You need one Erdleaf Flower, one Smoldering Butterfly, and one Sanctuary Stone. Gather all three materials and you have everything you need for your Warming Stone.

Once you have a Warming Stone, you can drop it on the ground, and it will create a golden aura. If you stand in the radius of this golden aura, it will heal 25 HP every single second. You can see why this would come in handy in a game that is built around players taking damage. It is sometimes a good strategy to stock up on Warming Stones. This way if you are fighting a boss or get into any sort of pickle, you always have a Plan B to get you out of any sort of mess. Plus, if you have been grinding Elden Ring and have been putting in generous of hours of time into the game, you will understand how important healing is at the right times. 25 HP per second is a generous amount of heal as well.

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There you have it. Five Elden Ring items that are really OP and some that you should consider using. Each of the items on this list will benefit you more than hurt you in the long run and each of them are good in their own situations. Regardless, these items can be considered a must use as they are some very powerful Elden Ring items that are surely going to help you get through the Lands Between.