Does MLB The Show 22 have Online Franchise mode?

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There’s no shortage of game modes when it comes to MLB The Show 22 but as Sony San Diego turns its attention more towards odes like Diamond Dynasty and March to October, some of its other modes, unfortunately, suffer. One of the biggest casualties of expanding the franchise’s mode offering has been franchise mode, which has seen a serious lack of attention in recent years.

As much as I love Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show, I’ll always be a Franchise mode enthusiast. So the fact that it has been placed on the back-burner has been a disappointment for me.

For many sports fans, the ability to play with your friends is a major factor. While MLB The Show 22 has added a new online co-op mode, one of the biggest questions is whether or not you can play a full multi-season franchise with friends online.

Does MLB The Show 22 have an Online Franchise mode?

For the second year in a row, MLB The Show does not offer the ability to play Franchise mode online. This, unfortunately, means you can not play a franchise with multiple people online.

While it’s one of the community’s most requested features, I believe we’re starting to understand why it hasn’t been implemented. It seems Franchise is build on legacy code that has been unable to keep up with all of the changes that have taken place in MLB The Show over the past couple of years.

Simply put, the foundation is old and outdated and it’s probably very time consuming to implement such a feature. The resources required to get something like this up and running probably just isn’t worth it for Sony San Diego at this point.

The good news is they are laying a new foundation with March to October. This year, March to October now offers the ability to play multiple seasons and there’s a new free agency in between seasons.

Unfortunately, you can’t play March to October online either, so your options to play online with friends is limited to the new co-op mode or Custom Leagues. Custom Leagues allow you to create or join an online league and play through multiple seasons; however, the only teams in the league are user controlled and there’s no real offseason. It’s more of a competitive tournament than a franchise mode substitute.