Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All 7 Dungeon Door locations

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Dungeon Door #6

Open the map and scroll all the way up to the top where the little desert area is located. There will be a Side Quest located here that will be required to complete if you want to access the sixth Dungeon Door. If you do not see the Side Quest called “Pocket Sandstorm” then that is because you haven’t completed Main Quest 8 yet. Once you complete Main Quest 8 and the Pocket Sandstorm Side Quest, Blatherskite will blow away the Sand Dune and allow you to travel up the path to Dungeon Door #6.

Dungeon Door #7

If you made it this far, you are one Dungeon Door away from completing all 7 and acquiring the Dungeon Ender Achievement/Trophy. The final Dungeon Door is located in this desert area once again, but this time to the left-hand portion of the area. From the sixth Dungeon Door, travel down the small hill and past the gravel path. You will see a small fire pit on the ground, and you will need to walk past that as well.

After you walk past the little fire pit on the ground, make the first right you can and keep going in that direction. You will see a Mine entrance and you will need to travel through the Mine so that it can spit you out on top portion of the area above you. From here all you have to do is walk over an invisible bridge and have a gust of air shoot you over to the last Dungeon Door.

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Once you complete Dungeon Door #7, you have conquered every Dungeon Door in the Overworld that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has to offer you. You will also get the Dungeon Ender Achievement/Trophy for achieving this feat. This is going to one of many different journeys that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes you on throughout your playthrough.