Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All 7 Dungeon Door locations

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Dungeon Door #4

Starting from Dungeon Door #4 and on, you will have to be making decent progress through the main story. You can only access this Dungeon Door after you complete Main Quest 6. The reason for this is because once Main Quest 6 is completed, it will unlock the Side Quest “Lens of the Deceiver,” which is critical to access Dungeon Door #4.

Once you complete the Lens of the Deceiver Side Quest, you will be rewarded a telescope that allows you to use invisible bridges. Once you have this telescope, take the path back in the direction that the Wargtooth Shallows sign is pointing in and head to the Mine entrance. The Mine entrance can be located on the left path of Queen’s Gate.

Travel through the Mine and it will spit you out on the other side of the Mine. Here is where that telescope you got will come in handy. Once you exit the mine on the other side, you can now walk across an invisble bridge that you weren’t able to walk across before. You will see a giant blue dice that is stuck in the ground that you need to walk over. If you see the blue dice, you know you are walking in the right direction. After you cross over the blue dice on the ground, take a left turn and take the hill all the way up the mountain. You will then be greeted with Dungeon Door #4 once you get to the top.

Dungeon Door #5

The fifth Dungeon Door in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will require the complete of Main Quest 7 first. On the upper portion of the Overworld map, there is a Throatus Punchus Shrine Piece. Located near here on the map and after Main Quest 7, there will be a giant eraser in the ground. Travel over the giant eraser and make a quick right and the fifth Dungeon Door will be right there.