Ghostwire: Tokyo: How to acquire all Prayer Beads

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Ghostwire: Tokyo release date announced alongside impressive preview
Ghostwire: Tokyo release date announced alongside impressive preview /

Incognito Beads (Takes more time for enemies to detect you)

  • Incognito Beads: These can be acquired at the Noto Shrine after you cleanse it.

Given the name of these Prayer Beads being called Incognito Beads, it only makes sense that these would lengthen the time it takes for enemies to spot you. The longer it will take for enemies to detect you, the better off you will be with getting into less combats.

Astral Beads (Doubles the amount of ether that appears)

  • Astral Beads 1: Complete 3 Requests for Musical Nekomata
  • Astral Beads 2: Complete 6 Requests for Doll Fanatic Nekomata
  • Astral Beads 3: Complete All Requests for Archeology Nekomata

Collecting the Astral Beads will double the amount of ether that appears in Ghostwire: Tokyo. You will find out fairly quickly that the more ether that you have, the easier the game will be. It never hurts to have too much ether. So, finding these Prayer Beads can be a good option.

Transmission Beads (Allows you the ability to transmit souls on the spot without having to use a phone booth)

  • Transmission Beads: Finish the game

Tireless Beads (Grants you the ability to use unlimited attacks)

  • Tireless Beads: Finish the game with 100% Spirits Transferred

Shadow Beads (Makes it almost impossible for enemies to spot you)

  • Shadow Beads: Finish the game with 100% Spirits Transferred

The last three Prayer Beads that you can come across are all be beating Ghostwire: Tokyo. However, the Tireless Beads and the Shadow Beads are only acquired once you beat the game with 100% Spirits Transferred. Transferring every single Spirt there is in Ghostwire: Tokyo is going to take a lot of time. There is a total of 240,300 Spirits scattered throughout the whole game that are able to be transferred. While it is a lot and will take you a lot of time, it is not like you collect them one by one by one. Otherwise, if that was the case, it would take players 20 years to complete. You collect Spirits in bunches, but it will still take quite some time.

If you do finish Ghostwire: Tokyo with 100% Spirits Transferred and you went through the grind of collecting almost a quarter of a million Spirits, the Prayer Bead rewards are worth it. Having unlimited attacks and being able to virtually never being spotted by any enemies is a game changer. Those are two overwhelmingly strong abilities that are so powerful, that it feels like you just broke the game.

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These are all 33 Prayer Beads Ghostwire: Tokyo has to offer. Collecting all 33 Prayer Beads can be a grind, but at the end of the day, it is all worth it. If you are able to acquire and possess all 33 Prayer Beads at once, you become the most powerful being in all of Ghostwire: Tokyo. So, what are you waiting for? Go collect all 33 Prayer Beads now!