Elden Ring: How to defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella

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How to tackle Malenia’s Phase 1

Malenia doesn’t really have a wide variety of attacks. In Phase 1, she may try to attack you with a combo of melee attacks. Monitor her melee attacks and learn to dodge out of the way of them. Make sure that she is done swinging because right when you think she is done slashing away with her rapid slashes, she may strike again. There are usually three slashes before she gives up.

Malenia also has one prosthetic arm and leg and she doesn’t have these prosthetics for show. You can tell if she is getting ready to strike at you if her prosthetic arm starts to spark. The sparks means that Malenia is ready to perform a special attack on you. This can be anything from heavy attacks to slow slashes and possibly even a deadly thrust. There is also the possibility of Malenia grabbing you with her prosthetic arm and if she does it is game over. Once she has you in her arm, she will throw you up into the air and onto her sword most likely killing you instantly in the process.

You may notice that at some point during combat, Malenia may shoot up into the sky and hover in the air. If this is the case, prepare for a flurry of slashes that is going to rain down on you. This will not stop until she gets her feet back onto the ground. At this stage it is all about being patience and dodging. Sounds like basic strategy for any boss, but patience and dodging is definitely something that is crucial for Malenia.

The best way to handle Malenia in the first phase is to be patient and dodge her special attacks. Her special attacks are some that cannot be interrupted. Her basic attacks can be interrupted and is a good opportunity to attack her during this time. If you dodge and attack while she is only using her basic attacks, you can interrupt her and take out a chunk of her health. Just don’t make the mistake of attacking while she is using one of her special attacks. She can’t be interrupted during her special attacks and by attack her during this time you will just be asking to get hit and healing her in the process. Get her down to 0 health and she will be defeated, but only for a second.