Elden Ring: How to easily beat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

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Rennala’s Phase 1

Many different boss fights in Elden Ring consists of two phases. Rennala is no different. Each of Rennala’s two phases are much different and the first phase is way easier to defeat than her second phase.

As soon as you go through the portal wall to fight Rennala, you will see that she is floating in a golden bubble up in the air while being surrounded by some of her students. The students will begin to throw books at you and you have to dodge them in order to not take any damage. The goal here to find the students with the gold glowing aura that is surrounding them and hit them. You only need to hit them once and then move onto Rennala’s next glowing student.

After you hit a certain number of glowing students, Rennala will crash down to the ground from her glowing bubble and the golden bubble will burst. This is when Rennala is vulnerable and she is able to take damage. Head over to her and start bashing her until you can’t no more. Deal as much damage as you can before she rises back into the air again and surrounds herself with her golden bubble. Once she heads back into the air, all you have to do is repeat the same process over and over again by going and hitting her glowing students again until she falls to the ground. Repeat this process over and over again until she runs out of health.

It should be noted that you want to try and defeat her as quickly as you can in her first phase. The longer this fight goes on and the more times Rennala is in the air, she will begin to shoot some spells at you that will deal damage. This can be avoided if you can deal at least half health and only have to make her fall to the ground twice in this first phase.