WWE 2K22: How to achieve a 5-Star Match in MyGM

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Make the match memorable

If a wrestling match is going to be rated a 5-Star match it has to be memorable. After all, if the match was really as great as its rating, there would have been something about it that was memorable.

From what we talked about earlier about booking the match in some sort of special match, use that special match to your advantage. If you booked the WWE Championship Match inside Hell in a Cell, break out of the cage and do some damage outside of the cage. Maybe even have a fight on top of the cell with someone getting tossed of the top of it. Moments like those are almost impossible to forget and reminds us of the legendary WWE moment when The Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the Hell in a Cell at the 1998 King of the Ring.

If Hell in a Cell wasn’t the special match that you booked in your MyGM storyline and let’s say you booked a TLC match instead, you can still make memorable moments. Bring your opponent to the top of the entrance ramp get him atop of a ladder and throw your opponent off of the ladder and through a table. That is going to get the crowd on their feet and their jaws on the floor. It is stuff like that, that is going to make a match memorable. These type of moments are unforgettable and by adding these moments into your WWE 2K22 MyGM main event match, you are one step closer to getting that 5-Star match rating.

One last thing that hands in hand with making a match memorable is using wrestler’s specific Finishing and Signature move sets. These are the moves that ultimately end the match and are the biggest moves in a wrestler’s arsenal. These moves are what will deal the most damage and to be honest are what the WWE Universe is looking for the whole match. Fill up your Finishing Moves bar and land a few of these throughout the course of the match and it will help you out a ton to receive that 5-Star rating you are longing for.

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If you take into consideration everything that was brought up in this article, you should have no problem getting to that 5-Star match eventually. WWE 2K22 MyGM game mode puts you in the shoes of a General Manager and you are tasked with putting on the show and storylines of a lifetime for your virtually WWE Universe. Every match is not 5-Star worthy, but bringing together the right pieces of the puzzle will get you down that path of achieving a 5-Star match.