WWE 2K22: How to achieve a 5-Star Match in MyGM

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If a wrestling match was rated a 5-Star match, you know that the match absolutely blew the roof off the building (if it had one). It is a very rare that a wrestling match is given a 5-Star rating. A lot of stuff has to go correct and the build up around it has to be exponential. The same thing goes for trying to get a 5-Star match in the WWE 2K22 MyGM game mode. If you are lucky enough to put on a 5-Star match in WWE 2K22’s MyGM mode, you should give yourself a major pat on the back.

In the MyGM game mode, you are tasked with being the WWE GM and you are supposed to create shows each and every week to please the WWE Universe. There is nothing more that the fans want is to witness and 5-Star WWE match. In order to do that, you are going to have to get inside the mind of a WWE GM and provide the fans with the best build up to a fight as possible.

What the fans look for in both real life and in WWE 2K22 is a lot of drama and heightened buildup. You have to think on what would get people tuned in to watching a wrestling match. Good drama and a heightened buildup are one of those things. They way you can get this heightened buildup started is by starting a rivalry with one Face and one Heel. For those of you that do not know what the terms Face and Heel mean, let me explain.

Build a good dramatic rivalry

A Face is someone who is considered the good guys of wrestling. A Face is always going to be a wrestler who does the right thing and likes to play by the rules. Heels are considered the bad guys of wrestling. A Heel would stop at nothing to get the win and are usually the type of guys that bad mouth the fans and the city that they are in. If a Heel needs to cheat to get themselves a win, they will do just that. Pitting together a Face vs a Heel is how usual wrestling storylines are put together and is a great way to get you started on you path to creating a 5-Star WWE 2K22 match.

Once you take a decent Face and a decent Heel and build a storyline surrounding them, the fans will be interesting to see how the story ends. Build a rivalry for 3-4 weeks. Once you have an intriguing rivalry built, put them in a special match for one of the various WWE Titles. There is going to be nothing more that people will want to see than two wrestlers’ rivalry coming to and end for a title in perhaps a Steel Cage Match or a TLC match.

There are also Power Cards that can be purchased to give a higher rating for specific special matches. Purchasing one of those Power Cards and booking those wrestlers that have been feuding for weeks will help boost the rating of the match and help you get to 5-Stars.