Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: All 27 Jobs and how to unlock them

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin features a robust Job system which, for anyone familiar with the Final Fantasy franchise, acts as sort of a class system. In short, your job determines your weapons, abilities and general playstyle during combat.

Many of the jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin take inspiration from the Final Fantasy series, but have been built on in a more action-oriented way. The jobs included in the game were also determined primarily based on the weapon types. Square Enix director Daisuke Inoue actually had a wonderful in-depth post explaining the inspiration of the job classes in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. But for the sake of this post, we’re strictly looking at the 27 jobs available to you in the game.

Jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin are divided into three categories: Basic, Advanced and Expert. Basic Jobs are available to you from the start of the game, while Advanced and Expert Jobs are unlocked by advancing through the Job Trees.

Although Jack has access to every job when it’s unlocked, your fellow party members’ jobs are limited to the weapons they can use. Each supporting character begins with one job but you will unlock additional jobs for them as you progress through the game.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Basic Jobs

There are a total of 8 Basic Jobs in the game. Each can be unlocked when you obtain and equip a specific weapon:

  • Swordsman: Greatsword (Default job)
  • Pugilist: Knuckles
  • Duelist: Daggers
  • Mage: Mace
  • Lancer: Lance
  • Swordfighter: Swords
  • Marauder: Axe
  • Ronin: Katana

Jack begins as a Swordsman, Pugilist and Duelist but you can unlock the other jobs by acquiring the specific weapon associated with them. You can gain experience in your equipped job by defeating enemies which reward you with points. With enough points, you will gain a level and can use a job point to unlock new skills.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Advanced Jobs

As you progress through your Basic Job Tree, you will eventually unlock Advanced Jobs. Here are the Advanced Jobs along with the required Basic Jobs to unlock them:

  • Knight: Swordfighter and Swordsman
  • Red Mage: Swordfighter and Mage
  • Berserker: Marauder and Swordsman
  • Warrior: Swordsman and Ronin
  • Samurai: Ronin
  • Thief: Pugilist and Duelist
  • Monk: Pugilist and Lancer
  • Dragoon: Lancer and Maurauder
  • Black Mage: Mage
  • White Mage: Mage

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Expert Jobs

As you upgrade your Advanced job, you can unlock Expert Jobs by purchasing the job node within the associated tree. Here are all the Expert Jobs along with the required Advanced Jobs:

  • Void Knight: Knight and Red Mage
  • Paladin: Knight and White Mage
  • Ninja: Samurai and Thief
  • Assassin: Thief and Monk
  • Tyrant: Monk and Red Mage
  • Breaker: Samurai, Dragoon, Berserker
  • Dark Knight: Berserker, Warrior and Black Mage
  • Sage: Black Mage and White Mage
  • Liberator: Dragoon and Warrior
  • Cyclic Warrior: Beat the game on any difficulty

As you can see there is quite a lot of variety on Jobs and, therefore, playstyles in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. There’s no right or wrong choice here, just your preferred combat style.

Each Job also comes with a unique Job Action, or special ability. Additionally, each Advanced and Expert Job also offers Affinity Bonuses, Passive Abilities and Combat Abilities that can alter your stats and combat in various ways.