Elden Ring: Where to find all Legendary Sorceries and Incantations

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2. Elden Stars (Incantation)

Elden Stars is another Legendary Incantation you can seek out. The Elden Stars Incantations is going to be found in the underworld in Deeproot Depths.

Somewhere down in the Depths you can find the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Grace. From the Site of Grace, you will want to head west until you reach roots. You should notice that some of the roots lead up to a cave and that is the cave that will be holding onto the Elden Stars.

After you enter the cave, you will have to do battle with some Giant Ants, but those shouldn’t be too hard to take care of. After you do business with those Giant Ants and make your way throughout the cave, you should see the Elden Stars when you reach the end of the cave.

When you finally decide to cast the Elden Stars Spell, it is very eye appealing to say the least. This Spell casts a steam of golden shooting stars projectiles that rain down and destroy the area that you casted it in. This is a great spell if you are targeting a group of enemies in one area or if you just really want to destroy one enemies to pieces and bits!

3. Greyoll’s Roar (Incantation)

The final Incantation Elden Ring has to offer players to go out and find is the Greyoll’s Roar. First, you are going to have to kill the boss Greyoll, who is found in Caelid.

You can easily find Greyoll by locating the Fort Faroth Site of Grace. Greyoll is nearby and when you find him, you will notice that he is lying on the ground surrounded by other dragons. Despite being a dragon, Greyoll will not fly or even move around. The dragons that are surrounding him serve as his defense and you can either kill every dragon surrounding Greyoll first or try and go straight for Greyoll himself. Regardless of what path you try and take to defeat Greyoll, once he is defeated you can now go and acquire Greyoll’s Roar.

Along with the Runes that Greyoll drops upon his death, he will also drop a total of 5 Dragon Hearts. This is what is the key piece of the puzzle is to acquire Greyoll’s Roar. Now since you have defeated Greyoll, it has unlocked the option to purchase Greyoll’s Roar in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

You can find the Cathedral of Dragon Communion south of Caelid. The spell only costs three Dragon Hearts so you have more than enough to purchase this spell now. Greyoll’s Roar is an area of effect spell that temporarily reduces enemies attack power in the affected area.