Elden Ring: All 9 Legendary Armaments and where to find them

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8. Eclipse Shotel

Going from a couple of complicated Legendary Armaments, the Eclipse Shotel is actually one of the easiest Armaments that you can acquire. All you have to do is travel to Castle Sol and near the Chuch of the Eclipse Site of Grace, you can head on into the Church and you can find the Eclipse Shotel on the alter in the Church. The Eclipse Shotel allows you to inflict the death ailment upon your enemies as part of its special skill called the Death Flare.

9. Bolt of Gransax

At this point, you have almost acquired all 9 of the Legendary Armaments and it probably feels pretty good to make it his far. The Bolt of Gransax is what stands in your way. At Leyndell, Royal Capital you will be required to defeat Godfrey’s Spirit. After that you should take the elevator down. This elevator takes you down to the lower level. On this lower level, you can follow the path where you are able to jump over the railing on the left-hand side and see the giant golden spear sticking out of the wall. Climb your way up to the spear and grab it. The Bolt of Gransax is now all yours.

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There you have it. There is also an achievement/trophy that will pop up on your screen when you have acquired all 9 of them so you know for sure when you got them all. It is definitely a grind to get all 9 of them but isn’t everything in Elden Ring technically a grind. If it was easy, then it wouldn’t make it that much more rewarding. Enjoy these Legendary Armaments as they are some of the most powerful and unique weapons that you will find throughout Elden Ring.