Elden Ring: All 9 Legendary Armaments and where to find them

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4. Marais Executioner’s Sword

Make your way to The Shaded Castle and you will be greeted with a boss called Elemer of the Briar. Elemer is a very aggressive boss that will stop at nothing until he kills you. The goal is simple, defeat Elemer.

Upon Elemer’s demise, he will not only drop 24,000 Runes for your pleasure, but he also drops the Marais Executioner’s Sword. This sword is a great sword for performing Corkscrew attacks. A Corkscrew attack is when you continuously spin in a circle like a corkscrew looks and you deal damage at a consistent basis.

This corkscrew attack is the special skill that is associated with this Armament called Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. The longer you charge up your attack, the greater reach and duration the attack will be. Just talking about this skill makes me dizzy.

5. Golden Order Greatsword

Anything that is Golden has to be good right? Is there anything that is Golden that is really bad? I would say probably not, and the Golden Order Greatsword Legendary Armament also proves that Golden is good.

The Golden Order Greatsword can be found in the Cave of Forlorn. Travel to this location and clear through the cave. As you travel throughout the cave and begin to clear it, you will come across the Misbegotten Crusader who is wielding the Golden Order Greatsword.  This is the major objective that this cave has to offer. Defeating the Misbegotten Crusader, essentially means that you have finished clearing the cave and he will drop the Golden Order Greatsword.

Just like the title of this Armament states, the skill that the Golden Order Greatsword provides is called Establishing Order. Establishing Order is a move that the move starts with an outward burst of holy magic where you have the option to follow up with a wide slash that shoots a huge energy wave out of the sword. I guess you can say that when you acquire this Legendary Armament, order has been established.