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Gran Turismo 7, the latest installment into the Gran Turismo franchise, released this week, taking fans across the world. Going from European, American and even Asia-Oceania land, you will surely race on a wide variety of different tracks. The many countries that you will race through, the many tracks that you will race on, and the many cars that you will race with is what makes Gran Turismo 7 such a fantastic game. However, when you are first starting out, you don’t start with many great cars and not a lot of credits to buy better cars right away.

Credits are going to be your best friend throughout the game. Without credits, you will not be able to purchase some of your favorite and greatest cars that you are trying to acquire throughout the span on the game. Some cars in Gran Turismo 7 require upwards of tens of millions of credits to purchase. While the easiest way to acquire credits is to simply purchase them from the in-game store, it isn’t the most cost-friendly way to do so. Let me explain why.

One of the most expensive cars in Gran Turismo 7 is a 1929 Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer. While it is a beautiful old-style, antique, car and a nice one to have in your collection of cars, it is going to run you 20 million credits. That is nearly $200 USD if you wanted to buy credits in order to buy the 1929 Mercedes the “easy way.” Even though the car is considered one of Gran Turismo 7’s Legendary cars, it is simply not worth it to buy straight up. That is why there are easier ways to farm credits so that you can grind and get any cars you want for just a little bit of your time.

Best way to farm credits quickly and easily in Gran Turismo 7

It is no secret that Gran Turismo 7 is designed for players to grind through and give it a lot of play time. If it is a game that you truly enjoy playing, then farming credits should come fairly easy to many of you. All it will take is a little bit of time.

There are three different aspects that go hand in hand with this farming technique. The first thing that should be mentioned is that you shouldn’t be afraid to repeat any races. Repetition is going to be the biggest factor in farming credits. It is going to take a lot of grinding races that are already completed, but after you master certain tracks, it will be an absolute breeze.

Winning races is going to help build up your credit balance. If you head over to the World Circuit, this is going to be where some of the biggest payouts are going to be offered for finishing races in first place. Dabble around and complete a few races and when you find some races that you can complete in a relatively short amount of time with a decent payout, you have found your credit farm.

The two other most important parts of successfully putting this farm into action would be to make sure that you are completing your licensing tests and try to make sure that you finish each race clean.

Complete licensing tests

Licensing tests are going to make farming even better. These tests are Gran Turismo 7’s way of testing you on your driving capabilities as if they were a boss battle. Whatever the licensing test throws your way is going to foreshadow of what skills you may need to impose during an actual real race. Completing licensing tests will not only teach you critical skills to help you on your journey, but it will also unlock higher-paying tracks that will offer you higher credit rewards.

Try to complete every race clean

This is Gran Turismo 7, not the movie franchise Death Race. The cleaner you keep a race, the more credits you will be awarded for doing so.

The definition of a clean race in Gran Turismo 7 is to finish a race without hitting other cars or obstacles while you are on the track. If you successfully accomplish this and are deemed to have complete a clean race, you will be granted a whopping 50% credit bonus.

For example, if you finished a race in first place and the credit reward was 10,000 credits for first place and it was indeed a clean race, you will win 15,000 credits instead. It literally pays to play the game clean.

This strategy works best at any stage of your Gran Turismo 7 journey. A great example of this technique put to use would after you unlock the Goodwood Circuit in the UK. It is unlocked fairly easily. All you have to do is complete a few early races and the first license test.

There is a race that is part of the Goodwood Circuit called the Clubman Cup. First place for winning this race is 35,000 credits and second place is awarded 21,000 credits. This is a two-lap race and depending on how quickly you can master this race, each lap can be done is roughly less than 2 minutes. Meaning, if you finish this race in first place and finish it clean, you will be awarded 52,500 credits for just 4 minutes of your time. If you were to do this for one hour straight, you would make a total of 787,500 credits.

If you raced a total of 15 times on this track and got a clean race all 15 times, it will be a nice credit haul. Additionally, after racing on this track repetitively you will likely cut down your time per every lap and may be able to get more than 15 races in per hour. Either way, not a bad score for only 1 hour of playtime.

This technique can be done on any circuit and track, but some tracks are longer than others and sometimes the amount of time it takes to complete one race isn’t worth the number of credits that are being given. Even if you have to farm in some of the lower-level racing tracks and circuits, it is still a great way to farm some extra credits so that you can save up and buy one of your dream cars.

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Early reviews are out for Gran Turismo 7, and they have been nothing but positive comments towards the video game. If you are a fan of the racing genre, this video game is not going to disappoint you.