Babylon’s Fall demo impressions ahead of release

Square Enix
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Babylon’s Fall is a game I’ve been keeping an eye on — a Platinum Games created MMO published by Square Enix.  This sounds like a recipe for something amazing and I couldn’t be more excited to give it try. The demo definitely offered that excellent silky smooth Platinum combat, but the environment I explored and weapon variety wasn’t there like I’d hoped it would be.

We’ll start on a positive note with the silky smooth combat. You have your classic perfectly timed Platinum dodges but this time around they do not let you slow down time. Instead, they more give you a large opening to start. Weapon combos are quite long so finishing them feels like a huge accomplishment as your combo breaks every time you dodge.

I used the DPS class and didn’t feel like I was made of glass. I felt like I was on par with my enemies in terms of the damage I was doing and taking. I didn’t get to explore many abilities as only 1 level was available for the little while I spent with the demo.

The environment I explored was a pretty cool looking slum but was overall just a standard labyrinth to explore. The paths were straightforward with a few extras crystals to bash for items and switches to throw. This mostly just felt like a path from fight to fight, and it is unfortunate as I wanted to explore these areas with friends/teammates to see what secrets could be discovered, maybe shortcuts or more chests with even more rare equipment.

Last but not least are the enemies. In this demo, it’s just your standard medieval era soldiers. These are fun to fight timing the combo dodges takes a bit of time and skill to get good at dodging. This is good as it’s supposed to be an early stage and the enemies even there aren’t just damage sponges.

Overall, I’m excited to dig my teeth into the full version of Babylon’s Fall. I don’t think it will replace Final Fantasy 14 as my primary MMO, nor is it Platinum’s best game.  However, this is a game that is a lot of fun and you can get friends into it as it lacks the monthly fee of other MMOs. If you really like it and want more, there is a battle pass already for the game. So, we’ll see how Babylon’s Fall turns out in the end. It’s set to release on March 3 and I for one am hoping this is a great game I can con my friends into playing for hours on end.