Elden Ring: Which Keepsake starting item is best for you?

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Which Keepsakes are the best in Elden Ring?

Now that you know what all nine Keepsakes have to offer, you can choose which one best suits you and which one you think may benefit you early on. If you break down all nine choices, there are two that really stand out above the rest.

Both the Golden Seed and Stonesword Key are two of the best Keepsakes that are available to you.

Flasks are one of the most crucial items in Elden Ring. Knowing when to use your Flask charges will make and break battles. If you can master using your Flask, that will make the game a lot easier to handle. After all Elden Ring isn’t a piece of cake to try and beat. You will constantly be challenged and tested throughout the course of the whole game so extra Flash charges can very well be your best friend.

On the other hand, the rarity and how expensive Stonesword Keys can be make this a great option as well. Stonesword Keys are not a waste to have and use by any means, but they are rare and hard to find and thousands of Runes are not always something that you want to shell out. Starting with one for free has huge value written all of it. Given the rarity and how expensive these keys may get, that makes taking it for free to start Elden Ring one of the best options.

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Like I said before, you can get each of the nine Keepsakes through out your Elden Ring journey. It all depends how you want to craft and build your character you are using.  Ultimately it all comes down to the mindset you have on building the best possible character for you.

Shabriri’s Woe may be the best option for someone else based on their playstyle, but the worst option for another player because they don’t use a very combative playstyle. However, in the end, the two universal Keepsakes that you can’t ever go wrong with will always be Golden Seed and Stonesword Key.