Elden Ring: How to duplicate Remembrance with Walking Mausoleums

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Defeating main story bosses in Elden Ring will reward you with their unique Remembrance. As we pointed out previously, Remembrance can be used to gain a boat load of Runes or to obtain a special boss weapon that is unique and powerful.

Each Remembrance offers the choice between two unique items. For example, Remembrance of the Grafted, which you get for defeating Godrick the Grafted, gives you the choice between the Axe of Godrick and the Grafted Dragon. The one you pick is yours to keep while the other one vanishes. Well, sort of.

Elden Ring has something called Remembrance Duplication. As the name suggests this allows you to duplicate a Remembrance that you’ve already found. Here’s how to do it.

How to Duplicate Remembrance in Elden Rings

In order to duplicate Remembrance you must first locate a Walking Mausoleum. This are giant stone-like structures with four giant legs that walk very slowly. The first Walking Mausoleum is located in the Weeping Peninsula to the south of the Third Church of Marika. There’s also one found in the north end of the lake in Liurnia, east of Testu’s Rise.

Once you locate the Walking Mausoleum, you must find a way inside. This involves breaking all the white crystal spots on the Mausoleum. For the one in Weeping Peninsula, these are easy to get to as they are on the legs. For the one in Liurnia, you must find one of those airstreams nearby and blow yourself on to it as the crystal spots are located at the top part.

Once you destroy the white crystal spots, the Walking Mausoleum will fall. Careful not to stand under it as it will kill you.

Once the Mausoleum is down, you are able to enter through the door and access the remains that allow you to duplicate a Remembrance.

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How does Remembrance duplication work?

Each Walking Mausoleum allows you duplicate one Remembrance. So you’ll have to find multiple around The Lands Between if you want to duplicate multiple Remembrance.

Since a boss’s Remembrance grants you two weapon options, you can use the Remembrance duplication to pick the weapon you didn’t select the first time. But because these are limited, you may want to hold off on using this feature until you know for certain which items you want.

So far I’ve given you two Walking Mausoleum locations. Let us know in the comments if you find any more!