PS Plus for March 2022: Free games for PS5 and PS4


March 2022’s PlayStation Plus games have been revealed. PS Plus subscribers can get any of Ark: Survival Evolved, Team Sonic Racing, Ghostrunner and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. March is already filled to the brim with excellent titles on PlayStation, so which one of these PS Plus titles are worth playing?

PS Plus for March 2022: Free PlayStation Plus games for PS5 and PS4

Team Sonic Racing (PS4)

I always wondered why Sonic needs a car. He’s the fastest thing alive, but a machine’s not alive after all. Team Sonic Racing is a kart racer with Sonic characters, with courses taken from Sonic games.

It’s great fun for parties (if you don’t have Mario Kart), as you can play split-screen with up to four players. You can even set teams, making it great for kids to play.

Unfortunately, nothing about Team Sonic Racing stands out. Even with its inclusion in March 2023’s PS Plus offerings, I’m not sure this will be a go-to game unless you’re with Sonic super fans.

Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4)

Ark: Survival Evolved released in 2017 to extremely mixed reviews. I never really got into it, as I’m not very keen on the survival genre.

That’s what’s great about PS Plus, however. You can get Ark: Survival Evolved and see if it takes to your fancy. If not, then you’ve not really lost anything.

The main thing going for Ark is its MMO nature. You’ll be competing with other players for survival, but there are PvE modes as well.

Ghostrunner (PS5)

Despite having originally released on PS4, the PS5 version of Ghostrunner is on offer this month. It’s a hidden gem that oozes Cyberpunk style.

It’s a first person platformer where you and your enemies die in a single hit. Combat is part of the puzzle here, and there’s no reason not to give this game a shot. Just keep in mind it may trigger motion sickness in some (like me).

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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS4|PS5)

This is a game that greatly benefits from being part of the PS Plus bonus games. Originally released as a multiplayer spin-off of Ghost of Tsushima, it was free for owners of the original game while being released standalone for 20 bucks.

Now that it’s free for this month on PS Plus, there’s not much stopping you and some friends from trying out the multiplayer experience.

There are four classes to choose from in a variety of multiplayer modes based on various Japanese myths and legends. If you’re into Japanese history, this one’s worth a play.