4 types of Genshin Impact characters we don’t have yet

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The characters in Genshin Impact are a colorful bunch. They have fleshed out stories, unique personalities and gameplay that reflects this. There are still a few combinations of Vision and Weapons we haven’t seen yet in the game, so what can we expect in the future? Here are the kinds of Genshin Impact characters we don’t have yet that I want to see.

4 types of Genshin Impact characters we don’t have yet

1- Cryo Catalyst

Cryo is one of the more powerful Elements in the game, with great utility and support reactions. A fast way to apply Cryo would be a game changer, enabling even faster rotations even among the already great Cryo support characters.

2- Hydro Claymore

There are actually very few Hydro DPS characters in the game currently. A Hydro Claymore character could use a waterfall motif, tapping into the brutal, crushing power water could possess.

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3- All of Dendro

We know of Baizhu, who is the only Dendro user at this time. There are enemies who can apply Dendro like Slimes and Samachurls, but there are no currently playable Dendro characters.

I expect this to be the marquee of a new update, especially if we get to visit Sumeru and meet its Archon.

4- Physical Catalyst

This sounds like an oxymoron, especially in a game that features the Elements front and center. Catalyst users are unique in Genshin Impact, as they are the only kinds of characters who have Elemental Normal attacks by default.

There are powerful builds of other characters that feature Physical damage, as not all characters are as adept at applying elements like others. Notably, Eula and Xinyan have abilities that explicitly do Physical damage outside of their Normal attacks.

I’m not exactly sure how a Physical focused Catalyst user would work. It would play well if they had a Cryo or Electro Vision to enable the Superconduct reaction, which lowers Physical resistance. It would also give the Eye of Perception weapon a home, as it’s one of the rare Catalysts that focuses on dealing Physical damage.