Warframe: How to farm for and build Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime

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Both Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime have emerged from Warframe’s Prime Vault today meaning anyone interested in these upgraded frames can now purchase them. If you’re looking to quickly bolster your arsenal, you can instantly unlock either one (or both) of these Prime variants through the Prime Vault.

For $59.99 you can get hte Dual Pack which features both Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime along with 1200 Platinum, Euphona Prime, Akbolto Prime, Kogake Prime, Helios Prime, Deconstructor Prime and more. Alternatively, you can buy the Banshee Pack or the Mirage Pack, which comes with the respective Prime frame and 400 Platinum for $39.99 each.

If you’re still interested in these Prime warframes and don’t want to spend the money, you can now farm for their Void Relics in-game and unlock them through gameplay. Below are the required Void Relics you’ll need for each and the best ways to farm for them.

Required Relics for Banshee Prime

Banshee Prime Blueprint – Meso E5 Relic (uncommon), Axi A12 (uncommon)

Banshee Prime Chassis Blueprint – Neo B6 Relic (rare)

Banshee Prime Systems Blueprint – Lith K5 Relic (uncommon)

Banshee Prime Neuroptics Blueprint – Lith M7 Relic (common), Axi H5 Relic (uncommon)

Required Relics for Mirage Prime

Mirage Prime Blueprint – Lith M7 Relic (rare)

Mirage Prime Chassis Blueprint – Lith K5 Relic (common), Axi A12 Relic (common)

Mirage Prime Systems Blueprint – Axi H5 Relic (uncommon)

Mirage Prime Neuroptics Blueprint – Meso E5 Relic (common), Neo B6 Relic (common)

Best locations to farm for Relics

Lith M7 and K5 Relics: Head to Hepit in the Void, which is a capture mission, and complete it within 90 seconds or so. This is guaranteed a Lith Relic. Altneratively, you can complete Fortuna or Necralisk Bounties.

Meso E5 and Neo B6 Relics:  The Ukko capture mission is an option but it has a larger reward pool, so you’ll need some luck.

Meso, Neo and Axi Relics: Head to one of the open worlds (Cetus, Fortuna or Necralisk) and complete bounties. Cetus bounties are generally quicker but less rewarding, while Deimos bounties take a little longer to complete. Fortuna is somewhere in between but generally has the best chance to drop Relics. Reminder that Relics only drop from the second stage of a bounty onwards.

Banshee Prime Manufacturing Requirements


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Neural Sensors
  • 6,000 Alloy Plate
  • 1,500 Circuits
  • 2 Nitain Extracts


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 10 Morphics
  • 1,500 Cryotic
  • 2,000 Rubedo
  • 7,000 Salvage


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Argon
  • 10 Control Module
  • 300 Oxium
  • 4,500 Ferrite

Mirage Prime Manufacturing Requirements


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 5 Neurodes
  • 2,000 Cryotic
  • 2,500 Polymer Bundle
  • 18,000 Ferrite


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Nitain Extract
  • 20 Morphics
  • 26,000 Alloy Plate
  • 350 Oxium


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 10 Control Module
  • 4,500 Rubedo
  • 23,000 Salvage

Once you have all the required parts, you’ll need an additional 25,000 Credits and 5 Orokin Cell for each Prime Warframe. They each take 72 hours to build, or you can rush it for 50 Platinum.