Who are the descendants of the Pokemon Legends Arceus NPCs?

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Descendants-Zisu /


Zisu is an interesting portmanteau of two related characters. Her visual aesthetics, especially her hair, carries many similarities to Diamond and Pearl brothers, Buck and Flint.

In addition to visually, she also has another interesting thing in common with each brother. Zisu has two primary functions in the game. She can teach you to be a better fighter with new moves and the like, or she can take the grit, gravel, etc, and help make them into more powerful stones. In Diamond and Pearl, Flint was an Elite Four member that was always focused on being a better fighter, whereas his brother Buck was more focused on his dream of being an archeologist that dug up treasures.


Ginter was one I knew immediately He’s the ancestor to Diamond and Pearl Gym Leader, Volkner. And, considering that Ginter is derived from the word Gingko, and Volkner’s color scheme is also the color scheme of the entire Gingko Guild, it’s pretty safe to say that Volkner comes from a long line of guildies.

Ginter also has a very similar personality to Volkner. Ginter is perpetually bored and while he has an interest in selling, he only really gets involved if the item is something rare and exciting.


I had to dig deep for this one and, honestly, I don’t even know if I’m correct here. I’m torn between two and I don’t even feel like either is correct.

My first guess is the little-known Greta who only appeared in Emerald. Mostly because of the two little hair curls up front and their entrepreneurial spirit. But even with that, Greta’s hair is more curled with no points.

Second guess would be Bianca from Black and White. Again, they had similar swoops to their hair and, in Bianca’s case, they both had big poofy hats. Also, they were both assistants.

And if you need a third, crazy, bonus guess. The hair also made me think of Misty as she appeared older in HeartGold and SoulSilver but that’s such a massive leap you may as well consider it a flight.

Descendants-Lian /


I mean this one is painfully obvious. They straight up put Clay‘s hat on a little guy.

Despite their completely different stature and time periods, both Clay and Lian are obsessive about mining. Also, in Black and White it’s hinted that Clay’s hat is so important to him that even if he wears other hats, he’ll always wear this hat over it which makes me think that it’s a long-time family treasure.


I feel like I spent more time on this one than anyone else. I legit can’t figure this one out.

The popular consensus on the interwebs is that she’s the ancestor of famous Fairy-type Gym Leader Mina but I cannot see it. Only thing I can see that links the two is if you look at her character in Let’s Go Eevee/Let’s Go Pikachu the hair is vaguely similar and also Mina has green binders sticking out of her large backpack the same way Calaba here has giant leaves.

But I can easily be convinced that it’s someone else because there’s nothing linking these two together.


Descendants-Melli /

This one is another one that I have a hard time with. See, the popular bet is that Milli is the ancestor of Diamond and Pearl’s Lucian. Mostly because of the long hair and the self-important attitude (though, Lucian is definitely nice about it). I can absolutely see it. But I had another theory.

Hear me out.

Do you remember AZ? VERY similar hair. He’s someone who’s thousands of years old and was made bigger because of a weapon that his body absorbed energy from, making him taller and stronger. Also, AZ had a special Floette with a color scheme very similar to Milli’s outfit. Plus, Milli’s hard has a flower and the Floette holds a flower as well. Milli is a character that dives head first into hubris and AZ is the victim OF hubris so…I dunno. Just a theory.