Who are the descendants of the Pokemon Legends Arceus NPCs?

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Descendants-Colza /


This one I almost feel like I don’t need to do but in the off chance people can’t figure this one out, Colza here is the perpetually outdoors leader of the Galaxy Team’s agricultural department where he obsesses over plantlife.

He’s absolutely, without a doubt, the ancestor to Diamond and Pearl’s master of grass-type Pokemon and midriff master, Gardenia. Not only do they share the exact same hairstyle, but they both demand to constantly be around greenery.

Descendants-Anthe /


Anthe is an interesting one. Despite the clothier having little story beyond wanting to see different Pokemon and designing clothing from them, there’s little beyond the obvious hair and glasses tying her to her descendant, Gold and Silver’s Darach. Though, they are both named after two different flowers.

It is interesting to note though that Darach is known, visually, for his suit and one of the first full-body outfits Anthe offers you is a full suit. Also, their outfits share a similar color motif.

Descendants-Arezu /


Arezu is a fun one. Visually it’s fairly obvious she’s the ancestor of future Team Galactic baddy, Mars. And you’d be absolutely right. But there are a lot more similarities.

Arezu is actually a play of Ares who was the Greek equivalent to…that’s right…Mars.

You want more? Okay. Remember how Arezu’s problems with Liligant were kept hidden because of the fact that she wanted to prove that she was capable of doing things herself combined with being a bit too proud? Well, that was Mars’s whole deal as well.

Descendants-Choy /


Despite lots of speculation that Professor Laventon is the ancestor of Team Galactic scientist Charon, I’m going to go and say, nah. It’s Choy. Choy is absolutely the ancestor of Charon.

Not only do they share similar glasses, facial expressions and hair but they have some similar elements in personality. For example, Choy’s main goal is to increase the size of his business and make more money and, if you’ve read the manga, Charon is obsessive with making money.

Descendants-Beni /


This one was SUPER tricky for me until towards the end of the main story. Once you get to the end you have to fight Beni in one of the most interesting character turns in the entire game. You see his interesting green hair and you see he fights using both final evolutions of Ralts and it becomes 100% obvious who his ancestor is. Wally.

Wally was introduced as a rival in the Ruby and Sapphire games. His entire storyline involved him being sort of a calm and non-threatening character who, eventually, became an absolute battle master and force to be reconned with. Who better to capture that spirit than chef by day, ninja by night powerhouse, Beni. I told you there were spoilers.