Genshin Impact: 2.5 Yae Miko Banner review

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Yae Miko is a highly anticipated character finally arriving in Genshin Impact 2.5. Her Event Wish Banner brings some great four-stars along for the ride, so is it worth Wishing on the Yae Miko Banner?

Genshin Impact: Yae Miko Banner review

Yae Miko is a central character in the Inazuma story, and 2.5 is all about her and her relationship with Ei and the Raiden Shogun. She’s the game’s second Electro Catalyst user, with a kit that focuses on dealing off-field damage.

There’s already a bunch of characters that can fulfill this role, so Yae Miko is not a must pull. She is, however, an extremely popular character that you should get if you like her.

Speaking of, Fischl is finally back on an Event Banner. It’s been a while, as the last time we saw her was on Klee’s re-run all the way back in 1.6. She’s a versatile Electro Bow unit that can be either an off-field Electro Support (not unlike Yae Miko) or a Physical main-DPS.

Fischl’s Constellations are among the best you can get, dramatically increasing her damage output and Support capabilities.

Thoma is a Pyro Polearm user that generates sturdy shields while being one of the few characters who can apply Pyro from off-field. He’s great when paired with characters like Hu Tao or Diluc in conjunction with an Anemo Support.

His Constellations all help improve his shield’s uptime, and his final Constellation gives a damage buff when it’s activated.

Diona is another Shield support character. She’s a Cryo Bow unit who excels at healing with her Elemental Burst and quick shields by her Skill. Cryo DPS characters like Eula and Ayaka can benefit from Diona being on their team, as she can generate lots of Cryo particles to fuel their high-cost Bursts while protecting and healing them.

She’s also great with Electro characters who rely on Physical damage like Razor and Beidou, as quick triggers of Superconduct to reduce Physical Resistance is a great opening to an attack rotation.

However, most of Diona’s Constellations are unfocused and clunky to use. They grant benefits to play styles Diona doesn’t do well in, but her final Constellation gives an entire new dimension to her Elemental Burst by buffing Elemental Mastery by a massive 200 points.

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All of the four-star characters are worth getting, and if you hit Yae Miko by accident she’ll still be a powerful unit. Fischl and Thoma haven’t been featured in many Banners, so this is a great opportunity to pick up their powerful Constellations. The only real dud in this Banner is if you come short on copies of Diona.