Lost Ark’s Level Complete Pack (Lv.50) is a great buy for newcomers

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Lost Ark recently launched and for those who are unfamiliar, it’s a highly addicting free-to-play action MMO, that I’m currently loving right now. As with most  free-to-play games– or heck, even pay to play AAA titles these days– there’s an in-game store where you can buy various items, cosmetics and boosts for real money.

While you can totally enjoy Lost Ark without having to spend any money at all, there are certain items in the store that enhance your overall experience and offer some actual gameplay value. One of those items is the Crystalline Aura, a premium service that provides a set of boosts and buffs for your character in the game.

I’m not here to argue over whether or not the Crystalline Aura makes Lost Ark pay-to-win, but it is an incredibly valuable item. It removes your Triport fee, discounts the Ocean Liner fee by 50%, provides one extra Daily Rapport Action, reduces your Song of Return cooldown, expands the functionality of your stronghold and other benefits that make playing Lost Ark a bit easier.

On its own, the 30-day Crystalline Aura costs 420 crystals. That’s $10 (or 1,000 Royal Crystals). Crystals can be purchased as a 200 Crystal Bundle for 470 Royale Crystals or a 400 Crystal Bundle for 940 Crystals.

Keeping in mind the cost of the 30-day Crystalline Aura, let’s take a look at the Level Complete Pack (Lv.50). For 1,100 Royal Crystals (or roughly $11) provides 2,600 Crystals.

Lost Ark’s currency transfer is intentionally confusing, so let’s do some quick math. You can buy 400 Crystals for 940 Crystals or buy this the Level Complete Pack (Lv.50) for just about $1 more and get 2,600 Crystals.

It’s an insanely good value and while some are confused as to why it’s so disproportionately cheap, the answer is pretty simple. Royal Crystals can only be purchased in a bundle of 1,000 for $9.99, 2,200 for $19.99, and so on. So basically, if you want to get this Level Complete Pack (Lv.50), you may only be buying it for $11, but you’re spending at least $20 on the game.

Another catch is that you don’t get all 2,600 Crystals at once with the Level Complete Pack. You get 520 Crystals every 10 levels, so you basically have to play to get the full value. Again, if you’re enjoying Lost Ark, that’s pretty easy to do.

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Doing some quick math again, the Level Complete Pack (Lv.50) will get you about six months of the Crystalline Aura buff. It’s not necessary to enjoy Lost Ark, but it’s definitely the best deal in the in-game store right now. If you’re liking Lost Ark, I definitely recommend it.