Genshin Impact: 2.5 Raiden Fight will be a Weekly Boss

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New details for the upcoming Raiden Boss in Genshin Impact 2.5 have surfaced in new preview materials for Yae Miko. That new Raiden Boss encounter will likely be a Weekly Boss needed for Yae Miko’s Talent Ascension. Here’s everything we know.

Genshin Impact: 2.5 Raiden Fight will be a Weekly Boss

Yae Miko is another highly anticipated character that’s finally arriving, after having a major presence in the Inazuma story. To help players ahead of her release, mihoYo revealed the items she needs to Ascend. There’s nothing unusual about her Materials, save for a mystery item that occupies the Weekly Boss drop slot for her Talents. What could this unknown item be?

It’s likely related to that new Raiden Boss fight teased in 2.5. The names of the items that are likely massive story spoilers that would reveal the nature of why you’re fighting the Raiden Shogun again.

As with other Weekly Bosses, we can expect three different kinds of Boss items needed to Ascend various characters. As of 2.5, it looks like Yae Miko will be the only character who needs drops from the upcoming Raiden Boss fight. It’s likely Kamisato Ayato will also need these drops when he arrives in the future 2.6 update.

The 2.5 livestream felt rather sparse compared to previous updates, but they did keep much of the story details under wraps after all. It seems like 2.5 will be a lore heavy update with Yae Miko and Raiden taking center stage. This new Boss fight will likely be the culmination of this story.

A new Weekly Boss also means one more chance each week to grab those coveted Weapon Billets. It’s not known yet if this fight will be able to be completed in co-op play.

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My theory? The Raiden Shogun has gone rogue, and Ei can no longer control it. There’s marionette motifs in what we’ve seen so far, but we’ll find out when Genshin Impact 2.5 kicks off February 15.