Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Incarnate Forces of Hisui’ walkthrough

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How to catch Landorus

Oh bless you Landorus. No matter what the weather is in the Obsidian Fields, if you know where to look for it, it is there. That at least stops the waiting game. But where is it?

I got lucky and checked out Ramanas Island right out the gate. There’s been this big island just sitting there with nothing going on on it. But keep at it, and watch out for the ridiculous alpha Infernape that hands out there and you’ll get it in no time.

Now that we’ve gained all three, we’ve got to head back to the Ancient Retreat and talk to Cogita right? SON YOU WISH. Nope. She didn’t want all three of them. She wanted the Pokedex entry for all three of them completed.

There’s a quick fix for it though. Go to the farm and put all three in your party then head over to the training grounds. Each one of them has easy entries. See it use Extrasensory, see it use its Storm move, see it us a strong style move, see it us an agile style move. All you gotta do is fight a few times with each and you’ll have it. Just remember to report to the professor in the base to turn it in.

Took me about two fights against the first guy doing agile versions of the needed moves. Then, once their entries are completed head back and talk to Cogita. She tells you about how she feels it’s for the best if you hold on to those three right now as there’s too much chaos. Then she informs you that there’s a fourth. She then beckons it to come out and the, I’m sorry, worst designed Pokemon ever comes forth. Or, as Cogita describes it, it’s Enamorus, the Pokemon hailed as the Herald of Spring. Well my dinner almost Sprung up when I saw that design.

Cogita tells me that I probably want to catalogue her (I don’t) and tells me she hangs around in the Crimson Mirelands. Great so let’s find out about…

How to catch Enamorus

Enamorus-Caught /

So let’s head on over and figure out where she is. Well, she’s red and there’s a place called the Scarlet Bog so lets see. Yup, there she is. Now, she can be approached about the same as the other three but the challenge with her is that the Crimson Mirelands SUCK. Or to be more accurate, it’s filled with mud that you can’t crawl through and slows you down. And that mud is also filled with Hippopotas and Hippowdons that are easy to miss.

Once you catch it, get it in your party and finish the entry on it and head back once more to see Cogita. Cogita then tells you about how Enamorus would carry her around. Essentially that’s how Cogita moves around the map so fast. Weird that she’s urge you to catch her. She then reminds you that you can hold on to her until you die which, at that point, she’ll take her back…dark. Then she gives you the Reveal Glass!

The Reveal Glass is great because it’s always allowed Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus to change into cooler looking unique animal forms, and now it also allows Enamorus to change into whatever this mess is.

But now you have it! You’ve got all four and the means to change them back and forth. Good work, now to finish our Pokedex to meet the horse upstairs.