Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Plate of Snowpoint Temple’ guide

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The following is a walkthrough for The Plate of Snowpoint Temple in Pokemon Legends Arceus. If if you’ve been doing this in order, you already got Mespirit, Uxie, and Azelf to give you a plate, Heatran gave you a plate, and Cresselia gave you a plate. That only leaves two. And for this one, we’re gonna need to head to Snowpoint Temple in the Alabaster Icelands!

Once we get to the top of the cliffs and into the temple, just don’t forget the place has a bunch of level 50+ Bronzongs. When you enter the main area that’s filled with six statues, three on each side, head to the right instead of to left like when you first came here and you’ll head down a hall and two a patterned door. At this point, Adaman shows up along with Sabi.

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Sabi explains that they’ve never been able to get the door open but, as you approach, the Stone Plate, Iron Plate, and Icicle Plate you’re carrying react to the door. Would have been nice to actually see Regirock, Registeel, and Regice but…we’ll make do with plates I guess.

After the door opens you make your way through a few rooms filled with Gravelers, Bronzongs, and Glalies (get it, rock, steel, and ice?) you eventually make it to the final room with the biggest boi waiting on you.

Regigigas immediately puts you into fighting mode, having you throw out your first Pokemon. Be warned about a few things. One, it’s level 70. Two, if you take too many turns its stats go through the roof. Of course, that didn’t stop my level 74 Gallade from accidentally taking it out with one hit, but still. Oh, and don’t worry, in Arceus, if you ever accidentally kill a legendary it tells you to try again and you just challenge it all over again. It’s also a good way to gain XP.

Defeat Regigigas and you’re given the Blank Plate leaving only one more of the five missions left.

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Once you’re done, chat with Adaman and Sabi for a bit and then head back to town. The clothier has a really cool Regigigas themed fancy kimono.

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