Elden Ring pre-order: What’s included in each Edition?

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Elden Ring is one of this year’s most anticipated titles and with its release just weeks away, we’ve taken a look at the various Editions of the game available for pre-order. There are five Editions of the game available for purchase, each with special bonuses and perks. Here’s a breakdown of what comes with each Edition of Elden Ring.

Standard Edition ($59.99)

This is the most basic Edition that comes with a digital version of the base game. Pre-ordering will get you the Adventure Guide which contains “useful information” for adventures in the Lands Between. It also comes with “The Ring” gesture to be used in-game (which can also be obtained by playing the game).

Buying Elden Ring includes both generations of the game, so you can play it on PS5 and PS4 or Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. There’s no next-gen price increase or upgrade cost.

Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99)

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the digital version of the game as well as a Digital Artbook and Original Soundtrack. Pre-ordering will also get you the Adventure Guide and “The Ring” gesture.

Launch Edition (exclusive to Europe, Middle East and Africa)

The Launch Edition comes with the game (disc on consoles or code in a box on PC) as well as three exclusive Art cards depicting scenery of the Lands between. Other physical goodies include three exclusive stickers featuring in-game emblem patterns, a poster representing a hero from the past and an alternative Steelbook featuring a hero of the past. The Adventure Guide and “The Ring” gesture is also included.

Collector’s Edition ($189.99)

The Collector’s Edition includes everything featured in the Launch Edition as well as a 40-page Hardcover Artbook that dives deep into the world of Elden Ring. The book contains never-before-scene visuals and details about the Lands Between, its environments and the monsters within. It also comes with the Statue of Malenia – Blade of Miquella, a 23cm collectible figurine.

Premium Collector’s Edition ($259.99)

The Premium Collector’s Edition features everything that’s already included in the Premium Edition but throws in an amazing-looking helmet replica of Malenia – Blade of Miquella. This is a limited and numbered helmet — a true collectible for the biggest FromSoftware and Elden Ring fans.

Which Edition of Elden Ring should you buy?

If you’re simply looking to play Elden Ring  and don’t care about any collectibles or tangible goods, then the Standard Edition of the game will be just fine. I love how its priced at $59.99 and not the typical $69.99 that we’re seeing with next-gen games. I also love how there’s no upgrade fee.

But if you’re a huge FromSoftware fan and want some cool collectibles for your desk or shelves, the statue and that helmet replica are pretty awesome. If you’ve got cash to burn, these could make some cool office decorations.