Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra’ walkthrough

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Once inside Snowpoint Temple you’ll have to pay attention to Regi statues as you make your way through. The first door is simple enough, with the order being rock, steel, and ice based off the order you passed statues. The second is ice, rock, steel, rock, and ice again. Third door is steel, ice, rock, ice, steel, and rock. After that you’re almost done, just mind the level 70 noble Gallade, you should totally try to catch it though because it’s giant and awesome.

And of course, once you finally get to Sabi she needs to make sure you’re worthy of flying Braviary. Guess who. Yup, get ready to battle. She throws a level 50 Rhyperior, a level 30 Magmortar, and a level 30 Electrivire. If you’re not ready, they’re going to hurt you. Afterwards, head to the roof. Be forewarned, she does not heal you after this battle so make sure you use some revives and what not because you then have to fight Braviary. It’s only level 54 but if the previous fight whooped on you, you still want to be careful. After you defeat it, you all do your flute thing and Braviary throws you the Sky Plate.

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After a brief cutscene, Sabi shows you where you should go and tells you to go try flying. Make your way to the waypoint and you’ll snag yourself a piece of Eternal Ice. But try flying around first, it’s honestly way better controls than I thought. Shame you can’t throw Pokeballs from there though, would make catching some of the flying ones a breeze.

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From there Gaeric takes it and tells you to meet him at the arena. Head there and meet up with Gaeric and Volo. After that head to the arena gates.

Now, if you’re party is suffering and you’re out of revives and low on potions, use Braviary to fly to the gates so you get the fast travel point and then go to camp. If you go on foot you’ll encounter a noble Machamp on the way. Once you’re ready though, go meet Avalugg who…is kinda bigger than normal.

This fight sucks. It’s the first one that knocked out my trainer. You’re stuck on a small cliff throwing balms at him and he comes at you like something out of Nier. He has an attack where he goes back and forth with waves of fireballs you need to jump through, icicles that fall from the sky, icicles that jut up from the ground, and the worst is a series of ice balls that he fires at you that home in and I could never get the rhythm of dodging. This battle will exercise your patience.

The big moment is when you see him charging ice beam. When this happens switch X to get your Pokemon ready. Something with water or steel works great. Then dodge through the beam as it approaches and get ready to lob a Pokemon at it’s nose. Keep it up and keep hitting it with balms and you’ll get it.

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Then, as is tradition, Avalugg will gift you an Icicle Plate before disappearing to wherever something the size of a mountain disappears to.

Afterwards you and the rest of the crew hang out in the cold and talk about what happens next before deciding to go visit Kamado so visit the professor first and then head back home.

Kamado thanks you for your work and tells you about how he looks forward to tomorrow…which…I’m sure will be just fine.

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Anyways, stay tuned for the next mission literally titled, “Disaster Looming”.