Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Scaling Perilous Heights’ walkthrough

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Make your way to the cave between the two waterfalls, making sure to grab the huge wealth of things to pick up like ore and berries nearby, before talking to Ingo and then make your way into Wayward Cave and out the exit, listening to Ingo slowly remember things from Black and White.

Once you make it to the next point you find Melli yet again. You’ll go through a strange blocky temple filled with Bronzor before making it out the other side. Make sure you catch some while you’re there. That temple makes it super easy to hide and catch things unaware.

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Once you’re out and headed towards the waypoint, be on the lookout for Eshim with a campground request. Complete it and you’ll get a new waypoint you can teleport to. When you get the little side quest, simply go across the river in the direction the Bronzor looks until you find the other and boom, you’re done. You got a new camp.

Meet back up with Ingo who drops a clever little HM reference which jogs his memory a little. He then battles you to a surprisingly difficult fight using a Machoke, Tangela, and Gliscor. Upon completing it, Ingo takes out his flute and calls/introduces you to Sneasler who will be your newest mount, allowing you to climb walls. You play your flute for her and she gets all hyped and gives you a Toxic Plate.

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Make your way up the mountain and through some ruins. If you get lucky like I did, a distortion will open up in the middle of them and you’ll be awash in fossil Pokemon.

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Then, once you’re through you’ll encounter Melli…again…at the entrance to Moonview Arena. You fight him as he throws Skoropi, Zubat, and Skunktank all at the same time like a jerk. Beat him and after a bit of a scene between Melli and Adaman you finally get to meet up with the Electrode.

Electrode is one of the toughest nobles you’ve encountered so far. You have to constantly move because not only is he summoning Voltorbs that explode all over the place, but he’s also jumping and causing shockwaves. The worst attack is the yellow or blue orbs he’ll shoot out that follow you around for a while. If you throw to many balms at once it’ll catch up quick. The biggest attack is when he rolls after you with a big multicolored circle on the ground around him. You need to be out of it as fast as possible because when he stops moving there will be a massive explosion that, if you’re already hurt, will spell defeat for your trainer.

Beat him, however, and he’ll reward you with the Zap Plate.

After that, Ingo shows up and reveals that he remembers a lot of his homeworld with Pokemon Trainers and the like. With all that behind you, turn your research into the Professor and head on back to the village and then to the base.

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Report to Kamado who gives you a surprisingly short speech and sends you out for celebratory mochi as is tradition.