Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Lordless Island’ walkthrough

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Once you get it, bring it back to Iscan. He’ll finish making the Basculegion food and then tell you to head down to Ginkgo Landing. Upon getting there you meet up with both Iscan and Palina who, apparently, have a weird history. They teach you how to summon Basculegion who shows up and straight-up gives you the Splash Plate.

Now we can actually head across Tranquility Cove, head to Firespit Island, and actually do what we came here to do! Nope, just kidding, the gang from Miss Fortune has returned. Turns out that the ghost that kept attacking merchants was their thieving Gengar who runs off with Palina’s larger Growlithe. Once the scene ends you find yourself with the ability to ride on Basculegion’s back.

Take a moment to look around once you’re out at sea. Not only are there familiar water-type Pokemon you can catch in the water but you can also find Hisuian Quilish in the water near the C-shaped island with a single tree. There’s also a small cluster of islands right near it that contain Togepis and Togetics. And finally, make sure you swim out to the two big stone pincers sticking out of the water. Unown-N is on the side of it if you’re collecting Unowns.

Once you get to Firespit Island you meet back up with Iscan. Make your way up the mountain, fighting Gravelers and Magmar. Then, getting past them you encounter Miss Fortune trying to force Growlithe to evolve. When they see you, Clover comes at you with an Abomosnow. I did one Strong Style Flame Wheel and it was done for. Coin then throws out her Toxicroak again. If you got a flying-type attack, use it. Finally, Charm comes at you with her Rhydon and her Gengar. My Staraptor had Close Combat and Ominous Wind so those were both gone quick.

Following that there’s a fairly touching cut scene where Growlithe evolves.

Then the world has to go and ruin it, hitting it with lightning and causing it to go into a frenzy. Guess what that means…we’re not done yet. Luckily, Iscan, for some reason, always carries an exceptional amount of Arcanine’s favorite food on him so you don’t have to go through some giant quest to make balms.

Get that dodging down and this is actually a fairly easy battle. Just make sure if you see the Arcanine charging and five orbs appear over its head you need to get to it and hit it with five balms so that the orbs disappear or it’s going to do a firey explosion that will really hurt your trainer.

Afterward, once Growlithe has been calmed, it will grant you the Flame Plate and you can be on your way. But FIRST, get on Wyrdeer and look for a way to get on the edge of the mountain and around to where you can see rock deposits. From there, you’ll see a thin path leading up to the volcano. Look up from there and you’ll see Unown-G chilling there. Hit it with a Feather Ball and you’re good to leave.

Head back to camp, talk to the Professor and you’ll hop straight over to Jubilife Village where Kamado will thank you.