Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to complete the Lake Trials and Shrouded Ruins

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The Trial of Lake Acuity

Alright, last one. Head over to the Alabaster Icelands and from there, Lake Acuity.

This one is a little different as instead of being told it used to be a volcano, you find out it contains some seawater somehow. You also hear that it’s protected by Uxie. Your phone goes off and boop, a cave. Head on in.

Inside you’ll find a Hisuian Zoraork. This thing’s only weakness is Dark so be ready. Also, you can catch it so…you know…maybe catch it cause it’s kinda awesome?

Once you’re done, Uxie shows up. Uxie has a test of knowledge.

The question: Combee. Zubat. Unown. Magneton. Dusclops. How many are their eyes? Tell me one at a time and all at once. So, I typed in 60131. Combee has three faces, two eyes each. Zubat has no eyes. Unown is mostly a single eye. Magneton looks like it has one eye but it’s got eyes on its shoulders. And Dusclops…it’s got “clops” in the name. So 60131 is the answer.

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After that single question, you get Uxie’s Claw.

Now that you’ve completed the three lake trials, it’s off to the Shrouded Ruins.

The Shrouded Ruins

Upon arrival, Cogita shows up and tells you how she knew you were able to get all three pieces thanks to a special Pokemon. You all talk about how little you know about forging the Red Chain when in teleports the Pokemon of the Lakes.

The Pokemon just straight-up forms the Red Chain with no trial or anything and give it directly to you. Everyone in this picture looks as stunned as I was.

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You find out you need to hurry and use it though because Kamado has gotten so angsty to close the big sky hole that he’s going to climb Mount Coronet himself. So you decide to get into the town to tell Kamado everything that’s happened and show him the Red Chain. A move that can only go well.

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You find out, however, that Kamado has already left so you report to Cyllene instead. You tell her all about the Red Chain, no doubt allowing her to put it in her notes so one day in the future Team Galaxy leader Cyrus will discover it. Then she gives you a mission. Climb Mount Coronet with the chain and put an end to all this. With that, the mission titled “Atop Mount Coronet” begins.