Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to complete the Lake Trials and Shrouded Ruins

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Continuing on in the story for Pokemon Legends Arceus, now that everything is just going great for our character we need to head out to Lake Verity to convene with the Pokemon of emotion that lays within. If you played Diamond and Pearl you know who this is, if not, we’ll get to it.

Fly on over and meet up with Volo and Irida who tell you about how the lake used to be a volcano and now this area is watched over by something called, yup, Mespirit. Then your Arc Phone beeps and you hold the screen up to the rock like a crazy person and it becomes a cave. I guess Arceus communicating through your phone is the most literal ‘Deus ex Machina’ ever.

Anyways, let’s go into the cavern.

Lake-Trials-Goodra /

Inside is not Mespirit like you probably expected, however. Instead, a massive alpha Goodra stands before you, drippy and adorable. Fighting and Ground will work best here.

After defeating it, you’re met with Mespirit who talks to you and asks you questions about how you felt when you arrived here. Of which I chose Surprise. It asked how it felt to bond with Pokemon. I chose Heartening. It asked how I felt when I mingled with the various clans. I chose “we’re all so different”. Then it asked how I felt when I was cast out of the Galaxy Team. I chose “life is complicated”.

Lake-Trials-Mespirit /

Upon answering the questions, Mespirit bestows upon you Mespirit’s Plume.

From there, back to Cogita’s house. And then to the Crimson Mirelands to see about Lake Valor.

The Trial of Lake Valor

Once you arrive at Lake Valor, the same thing happens as before. You find out it used to be a volcano, you find out the lake is protected by Azelf, the Arc Phone beeps, and a cave is born.

Lake-Trials-Overqwil /

Inside we find an alpha Overqwil. Ground-type is about its only weakness.

Azelf shows up and, instead of sharing emotions, it asks you to strike it. Whatever you’re into, little dude. A thing of balms show up and you’re tasked with dinging it with one. It’ll constantly teleport away and you’ll keep missing. Every now and then it’ll ask if you want to give up. Keep pressing on and, eventually, you’ll be able to hit it.

Lake-Trials-Azelf /

At that point, you’ll be given Azelf’s Fang.

Back to Cogita again. And as for you, off to the next page to continue at Lake Acuity.