Riders Republic: Three excellent pieces of gear for your character

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Jumbo Bike

This mammoth beast of gear is still relatively new in the world of Riders Republic (at the time of this writing anyway) and man is it glorious. This very well could be the best bike in the entire game and sports a 999 rating.

The attributes for the Jumbo Bike is ridiculous with everything being over 90 except for Air Rotation which is low at 30 due to its size and weight. However, Speed, Sprint, Braking are all over 90 overall so you’ll be blazing down roads.

For a big bike, you can perform some great tricks too. So not only can you race around the National Parks at great speeds, you can hit some dope tricks too kind of like with the Rocket Skis. You can ride on almost any terrain, also like the Rocket Skis.

Thanks to the big tires, riding in the snow is no big deal. You slow down a tad but not much at all, really. Sadly, you can’t pick it for many events unless it’s one that requires it. So again, this is mostly an open-world bike but you can master the art of control to prep you for those races and trick competitions.

The best thing about the Jumbo Bike in Riders Republic is that it’s free. An update made the bike available to everyone. If you have the season pass, you got it a bit sooner. It’s a very popular ride so don’t be surprised if you see it a lot at the Riders Ridge online.

Although you can’t perform epic spins, the pure speed and neat tricks you can pull can make you forget about the low Air Rotation. Besides, it’s actually cool how realistic that is if realism is something that you appreciate. Something that size shouldn’t do 540s. But, I will say that you’ll still be able to get in at least one backflip or frontflip. And just when this thing couldn’t get cooler, right?