Riders Republic: Three excellent pieces of gear for your character

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Rocket Skis

To put things simply: these beauties are amazing in Riders Republic. You should be able to nab these really early and are under the “Toys” tab of your gear wheel. They’re exactly what the name says; they’re skis with rockets on them and they’re excellent for open-world exploring.

Not only do they go really fast but they’re great on every kind of terrain you can think of; even in deserts. Another cool thing is that, although these lean heavily on speed, they have the same movesets you see in trick-based skis.

So really, it’s a jack of all trades. The big air you can achieve is also breathtaking. This also means the crashes can be epic too. Unfortunately, you can’t choose these for events but there are plenty of them that do include the rocket skis.

And with the big air, you can achieve, this can really come in handy for those Shackdaddy Bandits challenges that involve scoring points in the open world. You’ll also earn stars periodically for your skills and gaining such heights can lead to dope combos.

Earlier we mentioned the terrain factor and yes, you can use these on the roads. So if you feel like taking a break from bikes, then you can put on these and cruise. Another thing of note, and this may be the most impressive thing, is that you can climb with the rocket skis.

No, I’m not just talking about riding up a small hill that’s short enough to climb. You can actually ride up mountains. This includes Grand Teton, the largest mountain in the entire game. It’s quite the experience seeing your characters go essentially straight up at great speed.

Again, event usage is limited but if you enjoy just chilling and taking in the open world, then these are a blast to use. No matter how much experience or stars you have, these are just plain old fun and can help improve your control skills. If you can control these at the high speeds that you go, you might be able to control just about anything Riders Republic has to offer.