Riders Republic: Three excellent pieces of gear for your character

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One Foot Snowboard

This is probably the most “normal” of the bunch but it’s still unusual and it’s awesome. The One-Foot Board is a Shackdaddy Bandits gear that can be pretty popular. This is one you’ll need to unlock as you progress through the game and earn stars.

Although it’s a snowboard, it rides much like a skateboard which is ironic as many fans have wondered if skateboarding was something that would be added to Riders Republic sometime down the road. And no, this isn’t a hybrid that has wheels on it sadly.

However, this is arguably the most fun you’ll have with a snowboard in the game. The tricks you can pull off are stylish and the Air Rotation attribute is very good, meaning you can get in some amazing spins.

It isn’t the highest-rated snowboard or ski in the game by any means but it’s just a ton of fun to use and you can get it earlier than you think. And the kick pushing can help you gain a tad bit of speed when needed (“Kick Push” by Lupe Fiasco does not come on when you do this, sadly).

It’s especially fun when you’re riding down steep mountains and getting massive air. The Air Rotation from big heights can allow you to get in some serious Rodeo spins. All in all, it’s a great piece of equipment that’s addicting to use. Best snowboard? No. Most fun? It just might be.