Genshin Impact: Is Vortex Vanquisher still the worst 5 star Weapon? How to build around Shields

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How to build around Shields

One of Xiao’s best supports is Zhongli, as the Geo Archon is one of the only ways to debuff Anemo resistance. If you already have Zhongli for Shields and resistance shredding with Xiao, Vortex Vanquisher suddenly becomes one of his best weapons.

According to Keqing Mains, Vortex Vanquisher on Xiao with a Shield is stronger than Skyward Spine, Engulfing Lightning and the premium options like Deathmatch or Blackcliff Pole by a significant amount. It’s not as powerful as Primordial Jade-Winged Spear, Staff of Homa or Calamity Queller, but is still enormously powerful. The same can be said for the rest of the series.

The Unforged is also just as unpopular as Vortex Vanquisher, but is one of the strongest Claymores in the game with a Shield. Looking at Eula, we can see it’s her third strongest option behind Wolf’s Gravestone and Song of Broken Pines. It’s also Diluc’s second best weapon according to Keqing Mains, just behind a max Refined Serpent Spine. It also enables a hilarious but powerful DPS Noelle build.

Summit Shaper, the Sword, is Ayaka’s second best weapon in terms of straight attack power. It’s also Qiqi’s second best weapon, letting her heal like crazy with the massive Attack increase.

Memory of Dust, the series’s Catalyst, is especially great on Ningguang, who has no problem generating her own Shields. It’s tied with Skyward Atlas as Klee’s second best weapon, and is sure to be amazing on Yanfei.

The unreleased Bow in the series, Kunwu’s Wyrmbane, may be the best of the series if it releases. Sniper builds of Ganyu and Amber want Shields to prevent the annoying knockback that cancels your aiming animation, and Tartaglia and Yoimiya similarly can use the high Attack stat with their quick hits and good damage scaling.

Combine any of these weapons and characters with a four-piece Retracing Bolide to bring your damage up even further. You’ll get a 40% damage boost that’s calculated after all of your Golden Majesty buffs are applied.

There is something that I can deride the Golden Majesty series for: they don’t aesthetically match a lot of characters.

Also. Who to choose for Prosperous Partnership. light

Looks aside, Vortex Vanquisher and the rest of the Golden Majesty weapons are powerful, versatile weapons that can go on almost any character provided you build your team to have Shields to support them.