Smell like a waifu or husbando with Genshin Impact Perfume

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Ever wanted to smell like an anime character? Japanese fragrance company Primaniacs has got you covered with their new line of licensed Genshin Impact perfume. Now we know what our favorite Genshin Impact characters smell like, or at least what perfume they wear.

Smell like a waifu or husbando with Genshin Perfume

The second wave of Primaniac’s Genshin Fragrance line is now out, bringing the line to a total of 11 scents. They’re themed after both Travelers, Kaeya, Diluc, Klee, Mona, Zhongli, Tartaglia, Ganyu, Keqing and Xiao.

Each box and bottle features motifs based on the characters and the perfume itself is colored to match their Visions. Don’t be confused by the names, they’re just how you read the original Chinese names in Japanese, non-phonetically.

The fragrances are billed with three distinct top, middle and end notes, detailed on the listings. I don’t think I ever stopped to think about how Zhongli would smell, but aromas like clove, moss and cedarwood sound like it would give that distinct, refined gentlemanly smell.

It’s clear the Primaniacs put a lot of thought and care into crafting these scents while having fun with them. For example, Diluc’s fragrance has a wine theme that incorporates scents of grape, velvet rose and even wine barrel. Ganyu’s also sounds delightful, with lots of delicate fruit and flower scents.

It seems somewhat outlandish in the western world, but premium character goods are pretty common in Japan. There’s a huge market for anime and game inspired products aimed at high earners. These designs often aren’t “based” on a prop or character, but “inspired” by them.

I really enjoy these kinds of products, because they don’t look like they’re directly from the property like some geek chic stuff you find in the US. You wouldn’t be embarrassed wearing some of these in public, but your fellow nerds and geeks will know.

Unfortunately, you can’t order one of these fragrances directly from Primaniacs if you’re not in Japan. You’ll need to use a forwarding service to proxy buy it for you, and even then you’ll need to find one that ships by boat as perfume can’t be sent by air.

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You can always take inspiration from the listed scents and craft your own. These smells would make killer Genshin Impact themed soaps and candles.