Elemental Rifts are coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift

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League of Legends: Wild Rift won Apple’s 2021 Game of the Year and for good reason, too. Looking forward to 2022, Riot has even bigger plans to improve upon the mobile version of League of Legends.

Among the many new features, changes and improvements coming to Wild Rift this year is Elemental Rift. Anyone who plays League PC is already familiar with Elemental Rift but if you’re Wild Rift exclusive, get ready for some big changes.

As it currently stands in Wild Rift, there are four elemental dragons for you to defeat. When Wild Rift Elemental goes live, each match will see one of these elemental dragons will dominate the Rift, permanently altering the map. Each Elemental Rift brings its own changes to the map, impacting teamfights, vision and objective control, and ultimately the way you approach each match for victory from game to game.

Here are some of the changes each Elemental Rift will bring to the map:

  • Infernal Dragon: Knocks down walls and burns away brush
  • Mountain Dragon: Creates new terrain in the jungle
  • Ocean Dragon: Sprouts more brush and spawns extra honeyfruit
  • Cloud Dragon: Turns pathways into wind tunnels that increase your movement speed

Elemental Rift will also bring changes to how the buff system works in Wild Rift. Each elemental dragon will still grant your team unique buffs; however, with the Elemental Rift, the first team to slay three dragons will get the Dragon Soul.

The Dragon Soul buff matches the specific Rift for that particular game. Here are the unique Dragon bonuses along with their Dragon Soul buffs:

  • Infernal Dragon: Bonus attack damage and ability power. Claiming the Infernal Dragon Soul will create explosions on impact for your autos and abilities.
  • Mountain Dragon: Bonus armor and magic resist. The Mountain Dragon Soul provides a powerful shield.
  • Ocean Dragon: Passive health restoration. The Ocean Dragon Soul provides your team with extra healing when damaging enemies.
  • Cloud Dragon: Bonus movement speed and slow resistance. The Cloud Dragon Soul allows you to move faster after casting your ultimate.

Riot is still working out plans to bring the Elder Dragon to Wild Rift, but there are still no concrete plans.

Overall, the Elemental Rift should bring some intriguing changes to Wild Rift that make each match feel different from each other and requiring you to think on the fly, reacting to map changes as they unfold. The changes to the map each game will create new opportunities for plays and strategy to play out.

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Elemental Rift is still a bit of ways off with Riot saying it’s coming “in just a few months.” In other words, don’t expect it with the upcoming patch 3.0.