Hot Wheels Unleashed holds contest to design real-life Hot Wheels car

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I’ve already pointed out that the livery design system in Hot Wheels Unleashed (along with their track editing system) allows for an exceptional amount of creativity. Especially over time when they started adding more and more components to the game allowing for more and more tools (including a surprising amount of DC Comics-related whatnot). Now, it seems like Mattel and game developer Milestone are ready to fully celebrate it with their first design contest.

This contest will allow you to design a livery for a car in-game, and, if you win, you will be notified and your car will be converted into a real-life Hot Wheels car.

Now, before you get worried you don’t stand a chance against such powerhouses like my special Ska bus…

HOTWU05ska /

…worry not because there’s a set of rules in play here that you’ll have to consider.

Alright, so let’s get into the rules.

First, if you play on the Nintendo Switch, you’re out. This isn’t anything personal, it’s just that the way to contest works, they have to be able to contact you via the system’s messaging system and guess what the Nintendo Switch STILL doesn’t have despite being in the futuristic year of 2022. So Playstation, XBox and PC players are all good to go.

Secondly, you can only use the “Rodger Dodger” vehicle. When you go to the “Create” section and find the contest right over Livery Editor, you’ll find yourself presented with the vehicle in question. Here’s an example of the Rodger Dodger with a custom livery on it.

Hot-Wheels-Contest01 /

Third, and this is a big one so pay attention, you can only have four colors per plane. This is one that’s going to trip a lot of people up so pay attention and I’ll break it down for you all easy peasy like.

Here is the provided example of what the planes are.

Hot-Wheels-Planes /

If your design has black borders or outlines, that outline is a color.

This also gets very tricky if you’re going to put a lot of design on Plane 2. See how Plane 2 is chopped into three segments; Trunk, Roof, Hood? Well, if your design extends from one to the other that’s counted as multiple colors. For example, if you have a white stripe going down the top middle of the car and it goes across all three parts of Plane 2, guess what? That counts are three colors. Don’t believe me? Here is a screenshot of the official rules which can be found here.

Screen-Shot-2022-01-15-at-11-58-55-AM /

If you’re interested in this contest, you have until February 14th, 2022 to get your idea out there.

I already got mine, if you’re curious. Took me a while to figure out a design that followed the rules but my kids liked it and in this house, that’s enough.

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Feel free to use the comment sections to post what you came up with.