Ohio State’s Madden 22 Campus Legends roster revealed

You may have heard that Campus Legends is officially back in Madden 22 for a limited time. This time around EA Sports is adding two college football powerhouses into the game mode and both teams were featured in the 2021 National Championship: the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

These two teams will be the newest additions to Campus Legends and will join the likes of Clemson, Florida, LSU, Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and USC. It was only fitting that Ohio State and Alabama finally join the club as these are two very iconic teams in college football.

While we knew that Ohio State and Alabama were going to be the newest additions to Campus Legends, we didn’t really know which players would be featured on each team. We had a general idea on who might, but nothing was confirmed. However, at this point in time, we now officially know what players will be featured on both teams. With all of that being said, let’s take a look at which players made the cut for the Ohio State Buckeyes roster.


  • QB: Justin Fields
  • RB: JK Dobbins
  • RB: Ezekiel Elliott
  • FB: Carlos Hyde
  • WR: Joey Galloway
  • WR: Michael Thomas
  • WR: Terry McLaurin
  • TE: Nick Vannett
  • TE: Luke Farrell
  • LT: Taylor Decker
  • LG: Andrew Norwell
  • C: Corey Linsley
  • RG: Wyatt Davis

Starting with the offense we can see that the team will be led by Chicago Bear’s current quarterback, Justin Fields. This comes as no surprise. Justin Fields made an impact at Ohio State and that name means so much to Ohio State. If you have to take an Ohio State quarterback in the NFL, Justin Fields is the obvious choice and clearly there were not too many options for EA Sports to pick from. Justin Fields is just getting his feet wet in the NFL and we haven’t fully seen everything he is capable of doing just yet.

As far as the rest of the offense goes, Ohio State has a lot of talent on offense with Ezekiel Elliott and Michael Thomas two names that stick out at first glance. It is clear that Ohio State is a school that usually produces a lot of talent, and this offense may give other team’s defense in Campus Legends problems. Speaking of defense, the Buckeyes defense is nothing to mess around with either.


  • LE: Nick Bosa
  • DT: Cameron Heyward
  • DT: Jonathan Hankins
  • DT: Davon Hamilton
  • RE: Sam Hubbard
  • OLB: Joey Bosa
  • MLB: Ryan Shazier
  • MLB: Jerome Baker
  • OLB: AJ Hawk
  • CB: Denzel Ward
  • CB: Marshon Lattimore
  • CB: Jeff Okudah
  • CB: Bradley Roby
  • FS: Malik Hooker
  • SS: Jack Tatum
  • SS: Malcolm Jenkins

Special Teams

  • P: Cameron Johnston

When you look at the Ohio State Buckeye’s defense you are first greeted with the Bosa brothers. Anyone who keeps up with the NFL knows what each of the Bosa brothers are capable of and brings a huge spice to their teams defensively. This defense will not be a tough cookie to crack. The special teams unit will be led by punter Cameron Johnston who is currently part of the Houston Texans organization.

The other 11 teams in Campus Legends are going to have a run for their money when they face off against the Buckeyes. It’s a very unique and fascinating game mode to say the least and the fact that Madden 22 offers this to players deserves a big pat on their back. There have been tons of conversation regarding the next College Football video game and the hype around the future video game probably could not get any bigger at the moment.

If you are tired of going back to play NCAA Football 14 to get in your college video game sports fix, Campus Legends in Madden 22 is the way to go. This game mode is a limited time game mode and will leave Madden 22 on January 31. If you are interested in playing, play now before Campus Legends goes away for the third time.