Which Destiny 2: The Witch Queen pre-order bundle is right for you?

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Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, is going to release on February 22, 2022. I have been extremely hyped for this expansion for a long time, especially after the incredible new trailer at The Game Awards that highlighted the new Glaive weapon and some of the reworked Void abilities.

Some other new content that will arrive with The Witch Queen includes an entirely new campaign, new destinations, a new 6-player activity called “Conflict Eternal,” weapon crafting, new exotics, and a raid.

Thus, there is a lot to look forward to when the expansion drops next month. However, there are multiple different bundles to choose from when purchasing The Witch Queen, making it a little confusing which to spend your money on.

First and foremost, the three bundles are the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and the Deluxe Edition 30th Anniv. Bundle. The Standard Edition costs $39.99, the Deluxe Edition costs $79.99, and the Deluxe Edition 30th Anniv. Bundle costs $99.99, each according to the PlayStation Store.

All of these bundles are available to pre-order right now, and each gives the exact same pre-order instant unlocks: a Throne World Exotic Ghost Shell, the Enigma Exotic Emote, and a Legendary Emblem. I really like how the Ghost Shell looks, and the Emblem is cool as well.

Additionally, each of the bundles will include all of the features I mentioned above, as taken from the official Witch Queen website:

  • A new campaign
  • Weapon crafting
  • The new Glaive weapon archetype
  • A new Raid
  • Exotic gear
  • A new 6-player activity

The Standard Edition, which is the cheapest option, only includes these above features. On the other hand, the Deluxe Edition, which is double the price, includes these benefits:

  • An Exotic SMG, Catalyst, and Ornament
  • Access to four seasons: 16, 17, 18, and 19
  • Two new Dungeons in Year 5
  • Throne World Exotic Sparrow

Finally, the Deluxe Edition 30th Anniv. Bundle, which is a whopping $100, includes all of the above and the recently released 30th Anniversary Pack, which goes for $25 on its own. The pack includes an incredible new Dungeon, called Grasp of Avarice, the iconic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, and much more.

For those who absolutely love to play Destiny 2 and can see themselves playing it throughout the year, I personally think the Deluxe Edition is the best deal. Yes, it is $80. But, if you buy the expansion and four seasons separately, which each cost $10, you will be paying more than if you just got the Deluxe Edition to begin with because of the additional tax for each purchase.

Furthermore, the Deluxe Edition also includes two new Dungeons, the Exotic SMG and Ornament, and a Sparrow. While we do not know how much the Dungeons would cost separately, there is no denying that the Deluxe Edition is a solid bargain.

If none of that sounds enticing to you, or if you don’t care about the seasons or the Dungeons, the Standard Edition is the way to go. You will still get the new Campaign and Raid, but it looks like you will have to buy Season 16 separately to get access to that content.

Finally, if you have not yet bought the 30th Anniversary Pack and know you were going to get the Deluxe Edition anyway, the Deluxe Edition 30th Anniv. Bundle might be best for you. I bought the 30th Anniversary Pack separately and it has been well worth the $25 so far. Thus, saving $5 by buying it in the Deluxe Edition 30th Anniv. Bundle is nice.

As I just mentioned, I bought the 30th Anniv. Pack separately. I wish I would have just gotten the $100 Deluxe Edition 30th Anniv. Bundle to begin with because I know I am going to buy the Deluxe Edition. I will definitely be playing Destiny 2 throughout the year and will take advantage of the perks the Deluxe Edition has to offer, so that purchase makes the most sense to me instead of buying the content separately throughout the year.

Since I know I am going to buy it anyway, I am probably going to pre-order it to get the additional cosmetics. This part is completely up to you, however, as pre-ordering can be a dangerous game.

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Are you going to purchase one of the Witch Queen bundles? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments below!