Reviewing the new Vertagear PL6000 gaming chair

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As someone with chronic back issues, I’m happy to report that after using the Vertagear PL6000 gaming chair for two weeks, I’m not sore.

Chairs are important. More important than we probably realized until 2020, when the pandemic forced many of us to work from home. Suddenly, we understood that kitchen chairs are not suitable for eight hour workdays. By the same token, gaming chairs are often a misunderstood beast.

If you scour online forums, you’ll find plenty of people telling you that gaming chairs are a rip-off. That you’d be better off investing in another premium office chair.

I suppose that, depending on your specific situation, may be true. Or, if you game in your home office, you could probably get one chair and use it for both activities.

But for me, that wasn’t really an option. I game upstairs and my office is downstairs. I also visit a chiropractor once a week due to neck/back/hip issues.

So for me, having good chairs are an absolute must.

That’s where Vertagear comes in.

Vertagear was kind enough to send me an all-black PL6000 gaming chair just over two weeks ago for this review – and it’s improved my overall gaming experience.

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The Packaging

No complaints here. Everything came in one, sturdy box that weighed about 50lbs. So my wife and I hauled it inside and even though there was a slight dent on a top corner, it had been packed so securely that there was nothing damaged.

The Set Up

It only took about 20 minutes start to finish to get everything out of the box, read the instructions and get the PL6000 set up.

Included is a hex key to get the screws in – which I didn’t realize until I had already gone to my garage to get another. That’s on me. Don’t be like me. Be better.

I was pretty surprised how quickly it all came together. Honestly the hardest part was breaking down the box and getting it into my trash bin.

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The Vertagear PL6000 Gaming Chair – The Good

One of the best things about the PL600 is how sturdy it is. The wheel base is made of aluminum with a steel frame, which makes the whole thing feel incredibly solid.

In fact, it can hold up to 350lbs. and is suitable for any gamer between 5-foot-9 and 6-foot-8. That’s a huge range, but it won’t take you long to realize it’ll hold up.

The seat itself is larger than just about any other gaming chair I’ve tried. Usually the contour of the seat ends up digging into the back of my legs – but that doesn’t happen with the PL6000, which is a plus.

Additionally, the lumbar support pillow and the neck pillow are both really comfortable and supportive.

You have a ton of adjustment options. The arm rests go up and down, swivel in and out and slide forward and backwards. Like a car seat, you can adjust the angle of the chair back to be straight up and down or reclined all the way back. You can also adjust the tension of the recline with a knob underneath the seat. In short – any way you need to be comfortable can and will be accommodated with the PL6000.

In terms of style, my all-black model looks sleek. But if you want a pop of color you’ve got multiple options to choose from and they all look really cool. I know a lot of gaming chairs tend to over-emphasize the importance of style, but when you’ve got a chair as supportive as the PL6000 that also looks great? That’s a win-win.

The Vertagear PL6000 Gaming Chair – The Bad

Gravity keeps the wheels locked in place, because the weight of the chair is pressing down on them. But, I wish there was a pin system or a something to lock the wheels into the base.

The chair is incredibly stiff out of the box. It took somewhere around 20 hours of use before it broke in, and even now it’s more on the rigid side. For me, that’s perfect with my back. But if you’re looking for a softer chair, it might not be the best fit.

Finally, the arm rests – while incredibly adjustable – are not the softest. I purchased some third party cushions to cover them with, which I would say is a must. Unfortunately, with a price point around $500-$600, I can’t help but feel like you shouldn’t have to make any adjustments.

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I’ve tried three gaming chairs and three office chairs in an attempt to keep my back as pain-free as possible while gaming. The Vertagear PL6000 has been the best fit for me – by a country mile.

It’s so adjustable that you can take pressure off your hips for a while, then your back, then slide on the neck pillow… it provides enough customization that you don’t have to strain anything by sitting in the same position for too long.

Plus, the chair looks great. The PUC leather gives it a high-end feel without being catastrophic if you spill some coffee or soda on it.

I have no doubt that this chair will last for a long, long time. So the $600 price point seems much more reasonable (especially considering I’ve already retired two different $300 gaming chairs).

Overall, the Vertagear PL6000 is a rock-solid 8/10. The armrests shouldn’t need any extra padding, but that’s really the only gripe I have with the chair. Everything else – from assembly to extra-long gaming sessions – has been a breeze.

So I couldn’t recommend it any higher. This would be perfect for any gamer – and if you order now it’ll make it in time for Christmas.

You can check out Vertagear on their official website, or GameStop, or Amazon

Where To Buy The Vertagear PL6000 Gaming Chair

Currently, Amazon is selling the PL6000 for $470 (camo color scheme). They also have other models available, with prices as low as $285.

GameStop also has a plethora of Vertagear items, including the PL6000 in red, white, green, blue, purple and black. Gamestop is selling them for $579.99.

Or, you can buy direct from Vertagear and save some extra cash. Right now, Vertagear is having a sale on the PL6000, where you can get one for just $399.99.

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