Destiny 2: Why you should use the Lumina Hand Cannon

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It is very rare for me to see someone in Destiny 2 using Lumina in any form of content. Yes, I understand it’s not as flashy as the Sunshot or as hard-hitting as Eriana’s Vow, but it is special in its own way. With the right set-up, the Lumina is the ultimate support weapon for your fireteam. And, it’s a lot of fun to use.

The Lumina’s unique ability is Noble Rounds, which cause kills to leave behind remnants. Once you pick up these remnants, which look like floating white circles, a Noble Round is loaded in your chamber and your magazine is partially reloaded.

The Noble Rounds are hip-fired and seek allies to heal them. When a Noble Round finds your ally and heals them, both of you gain a weapon damage bonus for a short duration. Now that we know what the Lumina hand cannon does, let’s take a look at how to maximize its effectiveness.

Destiny 2: Why you should use the Lumina Hand Cannon
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The Build: Constant Healing

Whenever someone is using Lumina, this is typically similar to what I’ll see. This build was inspired by a variety of different YouTube videos, including this one by Time Sausages Gaming Channel.

First things first, this build is going to be focused around Warlocks. The Lumina is still great and fun to use even if you are not a Warlock, but this incredible build requires Warlock-specific armor and abilities.

Naturally, the first part of this build is equipping the Lumina itself. Next, you should unlock and equip the exotic leg armor Boots of the Assembler. This exotic armor piece is found from Legendary and Master Lost Sectors whenever they reward leg armor.

When you create a healing rift with Boots of the Assembler, it spawns Noble Seekers that seek out allies that are not in the rift to heal them. The empowering rift does the same thing, except it empowers. After you heal or empower an ally while standing within the rift, the duration of the rift is extended. For this build, you want to run healing rifts.

Furthermore, you are going to want to choose mid-tree Dawnblade, otherwise known as the Attunement of Grace, which contains the Well of Radiance. Well of Radiance is great in its own regard because of its superior healing and empowerment abilities. This Super is useful for any type of situation, especially end-game content, so it is never a bad idea to run it.

The most important perk in mid-tree Dawnblade is Benevolent Dawn, which regenerates your grenade, melee, and rift energy after healing or empowering allies.

Let’s put this all together: Lumina, Boots of the Assembler, mid-tree Dawnblade.

Whenever you fire a Noble Round from Lumina and heal an ally, Benevolent Dawn will activate and regenerate your abilities. Additionally, when you are standing in the rift and heal someone with the rift’s Noble Seekers, the duration of the already-placed rift will extend. You want to stay in your rift as long as possible to maximize the combo and ensure you are regenerating your next rift as fast as possible.

Basically, if you are healing teammates with both Lumina’s Noble Rounds and Boots of the Assembler’s Noble Seekers, you will almost never run out of healing rifts for you and your allies.

There is just one slight downside to this build – it is mainly useful when playing with a fireteam or around other players. Playing solo does not make good use of the abilities that combo off of each other, and it would be more beneficial to just use a completely different weapon.

Why I Run This Build In Destiny 2

I have always been a support player in Destiny, and this has been one of my constant, go-to builds ever since I started using it.

I specifically remember playing the final boss room of the Harbinger mission with just one other player. We struggled for a long time, did not make much progress, and kept dying. Once I threw on this build, however, we never died again and and were able to easily clear it. I was able to keep healing my partner, and he was able to destroy everything with One Thousand Voices.

This build is a lot of fun to use and is a huge support for your teammates, so if you have all the right items unlocked, you should give it a try.

Even though you may not be the center of all the action, having a support player is great for every fireteam. And, your teammates will thank you for it.