Nintendo Switch Online: Cheats, codes and secrets for SEGA games

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Nintendo Switch Online: Cheats, codes and secrets for SEGA games
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Shinobi III: Return of the Master Ninja

  • Invincibility
    • At the BGM screen, play the following songs in order using the B button: “He Runs”, “Japonesque”, “Shinobi Walk”, “Sakura”, “Getufu”
  • Unlimited Shurikens
    • At the Options screen, set the shurikens to zero then set the sound effect to options. Hover back over the shuriken option and wait until you see the zero become an infinity symbol.

Streets of Rage 2

  • Level Select and Extra Lives
    • While holding down A & B on the second player’s controller, have player one pick Options. This will give you the added options to pick how many lives you want (up to 9), what stage you want to go to, and what difficulty you want to play on.
  • Throw Cancel
    • Streets of Rage 2 features a ton of obnoxious enemies that’ll throw you instead of hit you. If you hold up and jump after you’re thrown, you’ll land on your feet and take zero damage from that.

Gunstar Heroes

  • Special Slide Move
    • Doing a half-circle motion (back to down to forward) and pressing shoot will cause your character to do a ridiculously powerful sliding attack.
  • Combining Weapons
    • When you have two weapons, press A until neither option is blinking. This will combine the two weapons into one.
      • Chaser with Fire: Big fireballs that shoot across the screen.
      • Chaser with Lightning: Four lasers that shoot out in an X but then track down enemies.
      • Chaser with Rapid Fire: Bigger faster bullets that track down the enemy.
      • Chaser with Chaser: You’re almost invincible with this. Powerful stars fire in swarms hitting enemies.
      • Fire with Lightning: A small laser sword for more melee-like attacking. Pretty powerful.
      • Fire with Rapid Fire: Exploding fireballs that detonate on impact.
      • Fire with Fire: Giant flame that goes across the screen. Covers a wide area.
      • Lightning with Rapid Fire: A powerful line of bullets that travel straight.
      • Lightning with Lightning: A big laser sword that is incredible against bosses, allowing you to beat several of them in seconds.
      • Rapid Fire with Rapid Fire: A thick stream of bullets that scatter a little bit.

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