Nintendo Switch Online: Cheats, codes and secrets for SEGA games

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Nintendo Switch Online: Cheats, codes and secrets for SEGA games
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All these codes are going to be passwords:

  • Level Select
    • ILOVEU
  • Boss Rush
    • MUSEUM
  • Time Attack Mode
    • DOFEEL
  • Expert Mode
    • SUPERB
  • A Mode that Puts a Little Star on the Spots with Hidden Items
    • MIEMIE

Shining Force

Unlocking characters (these are characters that you can go through the game without getting)

  • Gong
    • In Chapter 1, leave the first battle and head right to the little house. Talk to the bald guy outside.
  • Anri
    • In Chapter 2, after the desert fight, enter the house. Go up the stairs in the room with books and then keep going up till you find her. Talk to her.
      • To get her alternate costume, you need to search to the left of where the three Dark Elves are and you’ll get her a short green dress. Just make sure to give the item to Anri.
      • To get an alternate costume for Anri’s rival and main character Tao, in chapter 3 after the first fight for the Moon Stone search the walls of a nearby cave until you find a special item. Give it to Tao.
  • Arthur
    • In Chapter 2, talk to him once on your way to find Anri, he’ll be up top by the laundry. After the next battle, talk to him again and he’ll join you.
  • Domingo (my all-time favorite)
    • In Chapter 2, in the same building you get Anri and Arthur, search the north westernmost parts of the building until you discover a book that gives you an egg. Then, in Chapter 4 you’ll encounter someone that’ll hatch it for you.
  • Kokichi
    • In Chapter 3, after the quarry battle you’re going to search left till you find a cliff. There’s a door there with steps that take you down into a room with an engine. Search the engine and then leave. You’ll get him in your party in Chapter 4 shortly after the rolling city of Pao takes off.
  • Zylo
    • In Chapter 3 you just got to give him a potion. This is so obvious it feels like it’s mandatory but you can actually choose to skip him. You know, if you don’t want a wolf guy that eventually is able to summon a legion of wolf spirits.
  • Jogurt
    • In Chapter 4 when Tao is around, go into the temple and walk behind the priest table to talk to him.
      • If you want more Jogurt’s, defeating an enemy with Jogurt will give you a special ring. Giving that ring to any other play turns them into another Jogurt.
  • Musashi
    • In Chapter 7, after escaping jail and the castle, investigate the side of the house to the northwest to find a note. The note will then get you Musashi.
  • Hanzou
    • In Chapter 8, as you’re entering the town, search a bush with a flower on it right outside the gate.